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This drawing is a complex mix of various dome structures. Around 1966 I was yearning for an aura of colored light and dreaming of ways to build it.

purpose: to come out of caves (opaque structures)
and be healed by colored light --

1. decision

I want to use stained glass (antique) for color light quality. So has to be leaded.
funnel for weather. door. no good for roofs.

colored slab Blenko glass

double door, hinged
air + axcess unsolved. for architects

Some clear frames to be glazed with stained glass
or more simply, cut slab dalles with patterns on angle and glue them together like igloo

fuller dome, nonsupportive strength, So would have to provide structure anyway. Metal T bars sawed and welded

plexiglass/glass. 11 feet

how about decision #2

stained glass with thick lead
metal reinforcing bars bolted as rabbits
or I could make my own structural blocks on the igloo
or keystone of arch principle - glaze them in stained glass with protective plexiglass?
I could manufacture these structures and be an artist, architect, and builder.

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