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Travel - Florida, Remove It or Lose It

In the summer of 2007, Walton County Florida started enforcing a rule it had long ignored: clear our beautiful beach each night. Enforcing involves tagging and removing items that break the rule. Starting July 28, I walked and videoed parts of zone 7 of the beach at dawn for four days. I couldn't do the whole thing each day. The movie teaser gives a few examples of beach experiences of mornings before tagging, after tagging, pickup, and after. Much more to do. I would like to write about this topic, but would be repeating what is in the SWCC announcement and the source links (external pages listed below).

The teaser movie shows a kayak near a TDC trash receptacle that was not removed. I learned that the TDC is not enforcing removal of such items, which is an undocumented exception to the rule. Thus the condominium shown in the movie is not in violation of the implementation of the ordinance. Specifically the press release says:

"Articles that are stored adjacent to or underneath personal walkovers will not be removed unless there is TDC maintained trash receptacle at that location. Any personal items left near county walkovers or adjacent to any of the 400 trash receptacles maintained by the Beaches of South Walton Tourist Development Council (TDC) will be removed without being tagged."

My understanding is that "adjacent" means within 10 feet of the receptacle.

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