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Wholeo Online, news and history 12

The latest news is first, the rest of the messages are history. Refresh this window each week on Friday to reload and see Thursday's update. This is edition 12. See 2009 news for News 13 edition 13. Links to previous editions are at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, see Weekly Images 11-12, Weekly Images 8-10, or Weekly Images 1-7 and the Wholeo Blog.

2008-12-18 Scenic Trail Steephead Talk, by Bruce Means.

2008-12-11 Martin Duffy Transition Vision, three days, going on beyond.

2008-12-04 Fun and Games with Gma, videos for age two or more.

2008-11-27 Lost Lake Seeping Sepia, a video of a hike to Tilley Landing, Lost Lake Recreation Area, Walton County, FL.

2008-11-20 Superstruct/Reconstruct links, with video entry in the Buzz Contest. Also a Superstruct version of the 5-fold unison: Expansion of Consciousness Game prototype.

2008-11-13 Duo-tet in cube colors, a flat layout to construct a paper model. Also a model of cube colors.

2008-11-06 Entry to the Buckminster Fuller Challenge 2009.

2008-10-30 Study #10 for a Buckminster Fuller Challenge is an update of last week's game prototype layout.

2008-10-23 Study #9 for a Buckminster Fuller Challenge is a layout for a game prototype that actually stems from the Google Project 10^100 entry. Finished the video, published it to YouTube, and submitted a text entry. Fixed several Flash 5 and Flash 8 movies broken by the latest Flash 10 plug-in.

2008-10-16 Study #8 for a Buckminster Fuller Challenge is actually a study for the Google Project 10^100 called 5-fold Expansion of Consciousness Game.

2008-10-09 Study #7 for a Buckminster Fuller Challenge: 5D Color Brain Cell Action is a movie.

2008-10-02 Damselfly photo and updated panhandle page. Added a local links page.

2008-09-25 Study #6 for a Buckminster Fuller Challenge entry and entry to World Wide Panorama 2008 September Equinox is the same: Inside a Duo-Tet Color Cube.

2008-09-18 Study #5 for a Buckminster Fuller Challenge entry: 5-Fold Unison, September equinox in MindField and Brain Cell Bank. Added two letters to the R Buckminster Fuller page. Added Bare Traces movies to challenge study #4. Added opening details to challenge page. Original Brain Cell Bank and discovery notes.

2008-09-11 Study #4 for a Buckminster Fuller Challenge movie: 5-Fold TLM Light Traces.

2008-09-04 Study #3 for a Buckminster Fuller Challenge movie: Light traces of a TLM Face movie.

2008-08-28 Study #2 for a Buckminster Fuller Challenge movie: 5D TLM Framework Emerging graphically on the beach.

2008-08-21 Study for my Buckminster Fuller Challenge movie: 5D Brain Cell TLMs movie.

2008-08-14 Book reviews: High Art and Buckminster Fuller: Starting with Universe.

2008-08-07 Buckminster Fuller focus.

2008-07-31 Movie of the opening party for the book Spaced Out: Radical Environments of the Psychedelic Sixties. I reviewed this book on 7/24 and updated resume on 5/23

2008-07-24 Reviewed the book Spaced Out at I'm not commercial, but I'm in the book and do love it. If the review appears, it might not be for 48 hours, which will be on July 28.

2008-07-17 Announcement of taking on the 2009 Buckminster Fuller Challenge. Added a page for Caroling Wholeo, another concocted name.

2008-07-10 Karla Kuyaca, phtotos by an old friend.

2008-07-03 Raising Vibrations panorama, an entry in the World Wide Panorama event for the June solstice, on the theme: Elevation.

2008-06-26 Raising Vibrations graphic from stitched together photos of a June 21 event: Solstice in Times Square yoga.

2008-06-19 Study for WWP608 - Raising Vibrations.

2008-06-12 Wholeo Dome repair status; a photo shows the panels that are taken off the dome at this time. Added a list of full-window movies of Wholeo Dome.

2008-06-05 Continued comments on using the swastika for this 1980 drawing, Swastika Swirl.

2008-05-23 Beside the Caroling image, I declare that it is time to reclaim the ancient symbol of the swastika from Nazism. I deny Nazis the right to take the swastika from my heritage and that of all humans.

2008-05-23 Updated resume with citation of inclusion of Caroling, Wholeo dome, and Bump in the book Spaced Out: Crash Pads, Hippie Communes, Infinity Machines and Other Radical Environments of the Psychedelic Sixties, releasing on June 16.

2008-05-15 Photo update on Scenic Highway 30A called Terror on the Timpoochee Trail, Healthy and Crushed, because a mower has run over part of the deer lichen. Deer moss is now deer lichen (commonly called deer moss).

2008-05-08 Teaser trailer for a movie tour of Wholeo Dome that Caroling recorded in 2004 and 2005 at The Farm.

2008-05-01 April Trail Trekkers hike. New leaf in old deer lichen, photo in Deer Lake State Park, FL.

2008-04-24 Jewelry and photos by Mary White, gallery addition and update of related pages.

2008-04-17 Added a 1979 event called Circle of 9: the invitation and the journal notes about it.

2008-04-10 First Trail Trekkers hike, February 29, 2008.

2008-04-03 Trail Trekkers web pages, starting with March 29, 2008.

2008-03-27 Purple light appears unexpectedly -- images and a movie.

2008-03-20 Beginnings is the theme for March Equinox 2008 World Wide Panorama entry, Beginning Buds.

2008-03-13 From Everglades Tower to Staff, a movie continuing the lizard array.

2008-03-06 Eclipse at Everglades Tower, a movie with lizard array.

2008-02-28 Travel reports from the Everglades and Eastern Lake inOutfall (new term for the intermittent connection of a coastal dune lake with the sea).

2008-02-23 Looking back at the total lunar eclipse of 2008, February 21, 3:36 UT with lizards from the Ivey House, Everglades City, Florida, USA.

2008-02-14 Looking forward to the full moon lunar eclipse next week, lizards array in Everglades City, Florida. Movie of lizard array close up circling the staff. (Choose QuickTime or Flash lizards focusing from the staff page.)

2008-02-07 Movie as a lizard array alerts and aligns at attention to the staff. (Choose QuickTime or Flash lizards from the staff page.)

2008-01-31 Staff comes to the Two Thumbs, movie. Tuatara-lizard array on watch.

2008-01-24 MindField Connectors appear.

2008-01-17 Update to NY Person, Irwin Klein. oil painting pages. (I published this painting on 2003-12-22, but didn't link it into the site.) Added Caroling, Life Timeline. (I created this in 2003, but didn't publish it.)

2008-01-10 Staff comes to the Two Thumbs, notice.

2008-01-03 Lookout 2008 is devoted to MindField.

2007-12-27 The Wholeo Online year starts with the solstice. Welcome to edition 12, year 12. Here is a color healing with iBar tetrahelix for the World Wide Panorama Wrinkle in Time 10th Anniversary Tribute.

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