Trail Trekkers 2/29/2008

Anita showing marker

Finding an Endangered Species Marker on Water Tower Trail

The first Trail Trekkers hike was on 2/29/2008. We started at 10 a.m. on Co. Hwy. 83, about one-quarter mile north of Co. Hwy. 30-A, on the west side across the road from a forest kiosk. The group walked about two miles west to a water tower on Satinwood Dr. in Blue Mountain Beach. At that point, no one chose to be transported by car to their vehicles. People turned around and retraced the trail back to 83. Anita Page led the hike, stopping to give brief talks about interesting features including burns, pine trees, oak tree, animal paths, gopher tortoise habitat, staying on the trail, changing environments, and SWCC plans for trail and map development by partnering with local agencies.

See an animated Flash path of the trek with links, video with links, Google map, and images. See the Trail Trekkers page.

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