In 2008, MindField. Continue to look forward to the year 2012.

Anticipating the World Wide Panorama event: Wrinkle in Time 10th Anniversary Tribute. The color healing hovers over a world map at the time of the December, 2007 solstice (6:08 UTC) and is ringed with an iBar tetrahelix to cinch/sync recognition of MindField.

New Year's Day World Wide Panorama Wrinkle Tribute: http://geoimages.berkeley.edu/worldwidepanorama/wwp108/index.html

February 14, Valentine's Day

lunar eclipse February 21, Lunar Eclipse 3:36 UTC

March Equinox March 21 at 5:48 UTC. Participate in the Solar Wave, 13:30 LST (Local Sidereal Time).

June Solstice Participated in the Solstice in Times Square, producing Raising Vibrations.

September Equinox September 22 at 15:44 UTC. For what's happening see 5-fold Unison.

Imagine Peace October 9 at 21:00 UTC. Global meditation centering on the Peace Tower in Iceland. See this page.

December Solstice December 21 at 12:04 UTC. The Voice of the Heart (Chants du Coeur) website (gone in 2008):
A French initiative inviting us all to sing from our hearts started on December 21, 2007. This event continues until December 21, 2012. Here is an audio excerpt from their soundtrack "Conscience".

For worldwide events, see the Global Meditations Calendar at http://www.globalmeditations.com.

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