deer lichen

New leaf in old Deer Lichen

A red leaf popped up, surprising me in a patch of old growth powder puff deer lichen (commonly called deer moss), photographed on a Trail Trekker hike. See a larger version or revisited, more beautifully, in 2012.

Surrounding Deer Lake (a rare coastal dune one), Deer Lake State Park extends north and south of Scenic 30A road. The park has developed the sign, entrance to the parking lot, ramp over the dunes to the beach edge of the Gulf of Mexico, and a short Forest Trail. The mostly undeveloped areas west and northeast of the lake have sometimes overgrown roads, trails or firebreaks laced with creeks that merge seamlessly into Point Washington State Forest.

This photo is on a 2009 calendar for the month of July, having won an honorable mention prize in the 2008 amateur photo contest sponsored by the Mattie M. Kelly Cultural & Environmental Institute at Northwest Florida State College (MKEI).

Deer lichen site 3.5 (see Google map). See Trail Trekkers (April, 2008), Deer Lichen, Deer Lake State Park, or Florida travel page.

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