Martin Duffy Transition Vision

I met and knew Martin Duffy after he had retired, so I can't speak personally of his lifelong transitioning from miner to University of Minnesota professor specializing in labor relations. He was a kind and loving friend and will be deeply missed since he made his final transition on December 6, 2008. This is a movie of my visions at that time. To see the chakras spiral, hover mouse over the recycling arrow. To replay, refresh or reload the page or click the recycling arrow near the bottom of the image.

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The day he died

Visions of Martin. I closed my eyes and saw, from the hall (where he fell), an Alex Grey type swirl, full and incisive, going up maybe seven turns and then poufing over, like a snake, snake charmed type, what are they called (cobra). But also like a plume, a fluffy cloud of feather. Seems strange. Kind of face level, if a person was standing.

When got home, suddenly Martin's perturbed face. Huge, like 6' wide, projected at me. The I'm-not-dead routine. Yes you are for us, for your body. No I'm OK, listen to me. He wants me to do more for Nancy, but feels helpless. Lost it, but in fragments for next hour or so see him, tuning into me. He is such a gentle loving intentional kind of guy. Thoughtful. Not each other's type. But have warm feelings of admiration and gratitude for each other. Seems that pouf was a lingering of regret for his huge love. Wanted a final goodbye or something at that level. Unseen. Unacknowledged.

I wouldn't say I thought in any concepts but there is a feeling of death as a release, a jump for joy. Maybe it is just that I somehow am sharing this transition so we both know about it. His eyes gradually start to look upwards and he feels lighter, he feels free like he hasn't felt in a long time. The feeling causes a buoyancy. He can't fight it anymore. I'd say death is a great leap. I have to admit I saw him going up and I saw it be lighter, the higher he went. I'm seeing him in suggestion of sketchy body. Ashamed that it seems such a cliche. If I'm creating these visions, couldn't I come up with something different? That's all I got. Trying to record as directly as possible. Release of responsibility is great, a great boon. I do gassho for Martin.

The next day

Got vision of the cobra, more like a shell with several heads, maybe five. Almost hardened into permanent. Above that a shell, like venus on the half shell, like the base of a fountain. Also permanent resource. I feel appreciated for my work, my interest in developing visions. My receptiveness to suggestion. The area between is the void and Martin knew of it. He told Nancy that he didn't care where his ashes were to be scattered. He's gone. That's for the living to decide. Wisdoms. Duffy was a thinker. Strange I see peach light at the interface to the void above the hood. I see ultraviolet blue at the interface to the half-shell above.

Three days later

Keeping vigil for Martin. Place a flame on the cobra. Eternal flame. Unchanging, unburning flame on half shell above. The (lower) flame sublimates the chakras positive zap traverse gap. Above a target aligning chakras to center. How show the chakras (strung out spinally below) targeted above when it (the above) is unchanging? Perhaps the subtlest of hints of coming. Soft bliss ripples of awareness. This is reminding me of classic UU chalice.

Martin Duffy Small Service

Joen of the Compassionate Ocean Dharma Center led a small service for the local Florida Buddhist Study Group. See my visions during meditation, with a photograph of the altar.

Credit: * Photograph of child from his wall.

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