Martin Duffy Service Vision

Visions for Martin during a small service for his transition. It was led by Joen of the Compassionate Ocean Dharma Center.

First was a round black hole in his head as though I was looking down on him. He seems to have an upper spiral going above. Like a cone expanding out. Like the Sillustani towers. There was a time of pressure when I felt a strange kind of compression. It was from above down, but also omnidirectional but not one way. It could not be called expansion at all but wasn't getting smaller, that is nothing was getting smaller. If was maybe like a solid state pressure, an allover field pressure. Can't remember where it went. I think now (am I making this up?) that it was due to resistance. Was a learning situation. Like maybe it was an awareness of what we do to ourselves to maintain in space time.

Over and over teachings of being free released from space time. Like Martin energy as the delight in his seeing you or giving a hug. Kind of overall pinpricks random kind of light point flashes, like red or green or orange. The clock ticks were really a single tick. Nothing changes. Felt Martin probably mastered a lot in this lifetime. Was advanced.

There was a whole geometrical aspect where there was a sphere and yet wholeo outer sphere just as real.

Then there was the foil-wrapped ball that when I peeled off the foil was chocolate or candy sphere but inside that was something akin to black hole but it wasn't sucking gravitationally. More like the oily inky blackness discovered at the end of Kriya Yoga. The feminine earth energy.

There were some mind-heart truths, like the chakras lining up (see the transition vision movie). I did go through the colors up to purple. Thought of the last flowers on Nancy's table, white and lavender, so spiritual.

Then there was a flow thing and a torus thing.

Major thing was balance. Right at the start of meditation I felt like I was looking slightly to the right, my right eye open more and my head twisted to the right. I would align, get left eye equalized and pull head to center, but would just list to the right and wander off center when lost vigilance. This went on the entire time. Almost seeming to be a lifetime karma thing, like needing reincarnation to work on. It seems Martin distrusted the irrational, the psychic, the creative is how I rationalized it. I didn't feel it was me being that way. I felt it was his tendency and I got it, being focused on him.

At one point seemed like something hit me or maybe a leak in the roof and I jumped, startled. Took tissue and seems water drooling from mouth. No one else noticed or remembered. I had been afraid that I disturbed them.

Also I heard a gong that had no source I could identify. Later during dinner something else happened like that, reminding me. A few days later I learned that the house has a clock that chimes like a gong. That must have been the sound. I'm glad I noticed it and was reminded of how Martin often said goodbye: a smile, a bowed head, hands placed together in a gesture of Namaste, with a reverent feeling of "I salute you".

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