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This way to breathe is in harmony with the natural direciton of air -- down into the lungs. This direction will lead to a great increase in birth of everything here. Manifestation, creation is God/dess' will. Kundalini is escaping servitude. Kundalini comes into her own. The sky, light, everything that is up and out is now to be brought to her. She is center.

Funicula is terrified for awhile, seeing Mataji has a different kind of light than Babaji. If she becomes more aware she might perceive a separate reality in the light, she fears. Could she cope with another reality? The man can't find her (ego identified with femme force). It's all one but now it's time for us to see the one as black.

The one-point centeredness down below in earth is extremely moving and meaningful to Funicula. After 3 breaths of fire, she starts to feel elated. It's like tapping into a reservoir under great pressure. The true kundalini is black. It spurts up like oil to her being. The sky god energies out there have been brought to bear on this point. From now on, Yogamaya's star is black. She's coming into Funicula and Funicula projects it.

The POWER OF THE FEMALE! It doesn't threaten the male, just balances; wonderful poise and grace. Funicula feels it will take until past the full moon to completely recover from this new breakthrough. The last breath of fire is incredibly fast.

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