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Wholeo Dome is featured in the book Spaced Out: Radical Environments of the Psychedelic Sixties by Alastair Gordon, published by Rizzoli. See pages 217-219. On the previous page see Caroling in front of Bump and Bump seen from Wholeo. On June 16, 2008, I went to a release party for the book in Greenwich Village, New York City. It was at Ramscale, a 13th floor penthouse gallery space overlooking the Hudson River. I met artists, architects, photographers, videographers, art lovers, forever hippies, former hippies, gallery owners, publishing representatives and many others of unknown direction. We watched thunder and lightning storms all around while drinking and eating just about anything, surrounded by movies and images of art from the book. Live musicians inspired some dancing. Some original equipment and installations were there. Please see a three-minute video memoir of the event.

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I added a citation to my resume. Following is the review I wrote for the book on

Spaced Out is a far out, wonderful book. Since I'm in it, I'm from the sixties, and the book melds with my mind, this review is biased, telling what it feels like from inside the history and being a small but happily double page spread feature between the covers of the book.

Surprise! I was not alone in developing artwork that hadn't been seen before; I was part of a huge explosion that I can now see and explore in this book.

Amazement! The motive feelings, thoughts, and intuitions that seemed to bubble up creatively in my work are now explained eloquently in strong narrative, yet compellingly poetic text that somehow helps it all come home. Like a finishing of some sort. Making the 1960s elements concrete and conceptually available brings the 1960s to a new level; makes a new platform and springboard.

The challenge is to continue the Spaced Out threads, keep weaving them together. The dreams so beautifully told in this book still haven't come true. Let's review and revel in our sixties history and then keep trucking.

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