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Bump physique, from the east

This picture, taken from the east, shows more of the finished dome home than the Bump physique framework from the north above. You are standing in the stained glass dome Wholeo, close to its frame and panels. The picture is big to show the details clearly. Run your pointer over the image map to activate links to each part (click for info): stovepipe, door, samples, path, window, frame, foam, roofing, and Wholeo glass left or right.

Stovepipe comes from the woodstove with cooktop on level 2 inside the door. It's wrapped in a fireproof tube, which is wired to the frame and foamed in place.

Door is framed in wood. Off to the right is a branch for hanging things, a mop, and a ladder.

Sample window has shelves to hold small pieces of glass used for design selection of glass types and colors.

Path up the hill in back of the dome is reinforced with branches to form rudimentary steps.

Seat is formed from one long board that landlord Rick milled with his Alaskan saw. Lengthwise supporting logs are held in place with posts pounded into the ground, which is hardpan clay. On the other side of the dome we found workable play clay that OMlulu fashioned into sun-dried toys.

Window is a piece of clear acrylic sheet cut to fit the foam panels and drilled for wires to tie to the frame. The edges are foamed in place. It might provide some support to the stovepipe.

Frame of Bump's aluminum tubes shows where the smooth sides of the convex shipping foam panels are wired from the inside.

Foam panels cover the upper 3/8 part of the dome, ringing the top central skylight. Tipped back to the right, the side profile of the vinyl skylight lid is visible. It is summer and mosquito netting covers the skylight.

Roofing covers the lower quarter of the dome. One 50-foot roll fits, attached to the wooden door frame. The bottom level of the dome is out of sight to the left. An arc of 2x4" boards held up by posts keeps the dome frame level. It is covered with pressed wood sheets, with a door in the middle.

Wholeo glass panels on the angular aluminum struts frame the dome in the foreground where the photographer stands. Remember that the purpose of Bump is to be a live-in studio for working on Wholeo, which is an art work, the fundamental purpose of this adventure.

A Manzanita root serves as the door handle. The writing on the door says, "This place is for you to rest in, on your way. Love, Caroling".

welcome door

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