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Wholeo Online, news and history 13

The latest news is first, the rest of the messages are history. Refresh this window each week on Friday to reload and see Thursday's update. This is edition 13. See 2010 news for News 14 edition 14. Links to previous editions are at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, see Weekly Images 11-13, Weekly Images 8-10, or Weekly Images 1-7 and the Wholeo Blog.

2009-12-16 Getting ready for the solstice, here are some songs and setup for our Solstice Day of Silence. Earthballs started coming up in November and now are opening.

2009-12-09 Expansion of consciousness elements in carolyoga breathing.

2009-12-02 Continuing with carolyoga breathing.

2009-11-25 Changing weekly publishing day to Wednesday. Not much this week. Back to carolyoga breathing; slight progress. Entered the Ovation TV Unreal Worlds Art Race with a QuickTime version of TLM Lights of Mind.

2009-11-19 Movie of a hike east of the Hollington Trailhead in the Nokuse Section of the Florida National Scenic Trail (round trip).

2009-11-12 Movie of the Magnolia Creek Hike to Nokuse Plantation on the Florida National Scenic Trail (to a steephead).

2009-11-05 Back to Nature Festival 8, Planting event report. B2N 2009 images. See the locations on a Google map of all B2N 2009 events that I attended.

2009-10-29 Florida National Scenic Trail views. Movie of the Lafayette Creek Hike to Nokuse Plantation (into the water).

2009-10-22 Back to Nature Festival 8, YOLO Board event report. Started a season page for 2011.

2009-10-15 Breathing out background and Carolyoga Breathing (a video to be continued after Back to Nature Festival reports).

2009-10-08 Deer Lake Beach Blub, a tiny movie of a wave coming in leaving a blub blub blub disappearing into a hole in the sand.

2009-10-01 Journal notes: Breathing for Health, June 2009. Walking a spiral labyrinth on Blessings Beach, a short movie.

2009-09-24 World Wide Panorama entry for September equinox: Lichen On Stage at Seaside Amphitheater.

2009-09-17 More on breathing out in carolyoga.

2009-09-10 Reminder of contemplation (dog water fountain) in Lost and Found. Announced badge for Wholeo Facebook page.

2009-09-03 Slideshow of hike to find False Reindeer Lichen across Batsto footbridge in Wharton State Forest, NJ Pinelands.

2009-08-27 Light Switch at New Jersey Liberty Science Center.

2009-08-20 Web art in New Jersey: Thing and Meaning, a video at the NJ Liberty Science Center. Updated Buckminster Fuller Challenge page.

2009-08-13 Redo of several Island Beach SP, NJ deer lichen photos, including Zoomify versions.

2009-08-06 Added a video to Island Beach State Park, NJ, which has the environment of the false reindeer lichen there.

2009-07-30 Island Beach State Park, NJ, has false reindeer lichen.

2009-07-30 Island Beach State Park, NJ, has false reindeer lichen. {Presenting large photos that I will optimize with Zoomify in September.}

2009-07-23 Added Face and Photographer to the NY Person listing on the NY art page. Added NY to SF and between time and rainbow watercolors to NY art page. Added three studies to the NY person art page. Added an ink painting, Irwin Again to the MN ink painting page.

2009-07-16 Found false reindeer lichen in Jamesburg County Conservation Area in New Jersey.

2009-07-09 Updated Color Healing runesign information to include four runesigns that appeared.

2009-07-02 Added QuickTime and Flash sound tracks to Time Spin: Fast Intermittent Sequence.

2009-06-25 World Wide Panorama entry for June solstice, Time Spin: Fast Intermittent Sequence. Added a shorter version of the video: Deer Lake Inoutfall - Fresh Water Meets Sea movie. Started Outline 1 (following Outline 0), where immersive imaging includes both QuickTime and Flash movies.

2009-06-11 Digital Graffiti 2009 at Alys Beach video: QuickTime or Flash. Added a list of external connections for Wholeo Online.

2009-06-09 Obama's Clean Energy Jobs petition.

2009-06-04 Econfina Creek Boat Trip video, 2008.

2009-05-28 Added three lichen photos: Rocky Bayou State Park lichen - two kinds, Deer Lichen Diversity - reds image, and Deer Lichen Diversity - puffs image.

2009-05-21 Converted Great Spirit Path Stone Poem - Color Bell with Aura from QuickTime to Flash. Added images of Blessings Beach. Added a list of references to the book Lichens in North America.

2009-05-14 Converted the Borders panorama from QuickTime to Flash. Added Chakra Cloud image. Added Chakra Levels and Chakras Speak drawings to the Monte Rio art pages. Converted TLM Sending Blessings from QuickTime to Flash. Converted Wholeo and Consciousness Symbol from QuickTime to Flash.

2009-05-07 Stop identifying lichens on the Emerald Coast.

2009-04-30 Deer lichen on the Sand Pine Trail at Rocky Bayou SP, Florida.

2009-04-23 Photobiont Dreams, images from Photobiont Dreams Flash movie. Updated dreamwork list in Monte Rio dream page.

2009-04-16 Photobiont Dreams, incomplete

2009-04-09 Video title page (scroll down to choose Flash or QuickTime version): Deer Lichen on Red Cedar Trail at Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou State Park in Florida. Also see a video (this version is uncut, see the short version on 2009-06-25): Deer Lake Inoutfall - Fresh Water Meets Sea - uncut.

2009-04-02 Rocky Bayou State Park Red Cedar Trail.

2009-03-26 Deer Lichen Diversity, a panorama.

2009-03-19 Call for experts to identify local deer lichens. Added May 2 event to the deer lichen (also known as filigree lichens) timeline.

2009-03-12 Steephead hike in Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou State Park: images and video.

2009-03-05 Populated Lakewood deer lichen site 6 with two locations: 6.1 Lakewood Dr. N and 6.2 Lakewood Dr. S. Updated the Seagrove Lichen Map. Started a page on Deer Lichen Identification.

2009-02-26 Deer Lichen perspectives: timeline on Emerald Coast, Florida

2009-02-19 Breakthrough of marvelous: Wholeo Symbol and Labrys.

2009-02-12 Added a closeup of the old growth 2007 deer lichen along Scenic Highway 30-A.

2009-02-05 Started Lookout 2009, Deer Lichen Perspectives. Added new path icons for MindField and Perspectives. Added an image of an earthball (fungus) in deer lichen territory. Wet deer lichen. Dry view of Cladonia prostrata at Camp Helen SP. Lighted deer lichen. Updated Scenic 30A page with first seen old growth 2007 and December 2008 views.

2009-01-29 Redefined puffballs as earthstars. Added a new lichen in north Camp Helen State Park, tentatively Cladonia ochrochlora. Added a photo update to the Cladonia prostrata in Camp Helen SP. Quick photos taken 2009-01-25 at Camp Helen SP on

2009-01-22 Cladonia prostrata near Pt. Washington State Forest. Leo Geary Trophy winner for 2009. Photo in official online inauguration album of Barrack Obama.

2009-01-15 Camp Helen State Park - new plant, is deer lichen?

2009-01-08 Visions for a small service for Martin Duffy.

2009-01-01 Duo-tet colors, an object movie of a working model.

2008-12-25 The Wholeo Online year starts with the solstice. Welcome to edition 13, year 13. Videos for 2 year olds and on up from the DVD: Gma 2008, hosted as a Vimeo album.

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