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Pt. Washington State Forest - mixed lichens 1

Cladonia prostrata detailThe zooming image above photographed 2009-01-16 contingent to Pt. Washington State Forest. The GPS coordinates are 30°18'45.5"N 85°6'06.1"W.

On Dec. 5, 2008 I found an unfamiliar type of lichen tentatively identified as "resurrection cladonia" (Cladonia prostrata) in Camp Helen State Park (7 miles east). On Jan. 16, 2009 I found this lichen, new to me, on a path going north from Scenic Highway 30A towards Pt. Washington State Forest. This picture shows it growing with other plants, mostly lichens. (I'm not sure if all are called deer moss or deer lichens. Surely the powder puff type is.) The Cladonia prostrata's dry leaves are curled over to reveal bright white undersides. It is in smaller clumps than found in Camp Helen. To the left is a detail showing what to look for (click to see a larger image). Here is another view in the same area (mixed lichens 2).

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