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Call for local deer lichen identification

On May 28, 2009 I'm revising this page based on facts learned and presented on this page. I have not received any replies from my call for experts in mid-March. Basically there are two types of reindeer lichens in NW Florida. They are Cladonia evansii (deer moss) and Cladonia subtenuis (dixie lichen). Not all the plants are deer lichens, but they do grow with or near them. If you have more information on these topics please refer to the circled plants in the above photo (see source). Here are my tentative suggestions with common names, links to local examples, and external information. Family Cladoniaceae. Alternative page with smaller graphic.

  1. #1 Either Cladonia evansii or Cladonia subtenuis. (Not as previously suggested: Cladonia portentosa. Rocky Bayou visit. Description. Photo. Photos. Or Cladonia pachycladodes or pachyclados. Or Cladonia subsetacea or sub setacea.)
  2. #2 Either Cladonia evansii or Cladonia subtenuis. (Not as previously suggested: Cladonia ciliata. Deer lichen related images (top). Description. Photo.)
  3. #3 Resurrection cladonia. Cladonia prostrata, which is not a reindeer lichen. Wet, uncurled and dry state. Description. Photos, mostly wet.
  4. #4 Either Cladonia evansii or Cladonia subtenuis. (Not as previously suggested: Star-tipped Cladina or Star reindeer lichen. Cladonia stellaris. New leaf with old lichen. Good pictures. Big picture. More good pictures. Star tips.)
  5. #5 Jester lichen. Similar to Cladonia cristatella (British Soldiers), more likely Cladonia leporina. Lichen with red. Description. Photo. Photos.
  6. Dixie Reindeer Moss. Cladonia subtenuis, formerly called Cladina subtenuis. Yellowish mounds, like cauliflower heads. Clumps. Photo of yellowish clump. Description. Another description.
  7. #7 Powder puff lichen. Cladina evansii. Wet deer lichen. Healthy and crushed. Deer moss of the mind. Description or another (scroll down). Photos. Photo. Photo.

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