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Deer lichen old growth - March 2007, Zoomify

On March 27, 2007 I found a glorious "old growth" patch of deer moss right by the highway. Guess it can take some exposure to gas fumes. That's what I wrote in my journal. I've kept watching it, documenting it on this page. At the time, I did not know the moss was really a lichen or that it is all relatively old, since it grows so slowly. I was thrilled to find such a beautiful natural garden between the forest, lake, and bike path. I had seen and fallen in love with deer lichen on forest walks in the area for the past five years. Most is off the beaten path seen carpeting the sandy soil. Often the edges are disturbed by what I imagine are deer, wild boars, dogs, coyotes, raccoons, hikers and other creatures. This patch struck me with its pristine condition. See a photo, Zoomify closeup or photo closeup.

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