old growth deer lichen, closeup, 2012

Deer lichen old growth closeup - March, 2012

On March 25, 2012 I tried to relocate the glorious "old growth" patch of deer lichen right by the highway, that I had found in 2007. The patch had struck me with its pristine condition. I wondered if it would stay that way, and set a goal. Over the years it has been repeatedly run over by a roadside mower. The patch in this photo is similar but not exactly the same. I could not find the previous location. Everything in the short 50-foot area has changed so I can't identify a tree or any other plant that I see in the old photo. I have the feeling that the lichen is diminished but 1, I've lost interest in tracking that and 2, my approach is not sufficiently scientific to have clear precise results. This photo is a closeup of a similar patch. For greater zoom-in detail see the Flash-based Zoomify version. See an overview on this page.

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