false reindeer lichen

New Jersey False Reindeer Lichen 3

Wharton State Forest

On September 1, 2009, in search of False Reindeer Lichen (Cladonia subtenuis), I took a hike across the Batsto footbridge in the Wharton State Forest, NJ. In the first mile I found a lot of it. Most of my photographs are closeups of the deer lichen and its neighbors, but there are mosses, pines, water, and views along the path too. I crossed a lake over a dam before reaching the footpath over the Mullica River. See Wharton State Park on Google map for the path coordinates: 39°38'48.1"N 74°39'39.7"W. For the introduction to this trip, see Pine Barrens. See the slideshow: Flash or QuickTime (or QuickTime alternative).

For more info about the area see NJ Parks and Forests, particularly Wharton State Forest.

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