2007 lichen, Lakewood N

Lookout for 2007 - Lakewood Dr. N

I discovered this site of deer lichen 2007-04-17. It is on the east side of Lakewood Dr. at N 30°18'37.1" W086°05'20.5" which you can see as site6.1 on the Google map. As lots all around and the boulevard and sidewalk were developed the site was under neighboring stress. I revisited the site on 2009-03-04 and found violets instead of blue plastic scraps. violet blossomThere are Cladonia prostrata plants (discovered at Camp Helen) and many other lichens.

See also Lakewood Dr. S a few lots farther south at N 30°18'31.6" W086°05'20.2", discovered 2009-02-25.

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