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5 brain cell TLMs, gold5 brain cell TLMsIn 2009, April 10, looking at a study in expanding consciousness (see one of the movies), in a flash of insight I saw my connection to deer lichen. I've made the story into an interactive movie, including the following excerpts from my journal. The movie goes from the inspiration to dream incubation, dreams and dreamwork. The symbiotic partners in deer lichen are the fungal mycobiont and the algal photobiont. The photobiont is the energy generator, photosynthesizing, transmuting the light in exchange for home, the physical structure provided by the mycobiont. It takes both to make deer lichen.

play buttonDirections for the original Flash movie: When the movie pauses, to play, click the right arrow button at the bottom of the movie.

Following is the text and images of the movie. (See the movie or see text with no images). The scenes are: Synthesis, Symbiosis, Dream Power, Dreams, Dreamwork (flow, occult, filter, distribute, produce), Dream , Credit.

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got the feeling that our TLM is similar in structure and function to algal function in deer lichen. That is what must be going on when I walk amid them. Could my 5D brain cell ideas be interesting them for evolution?


Could they have an even more complex or alternate way of TLMing? Or maybe other structure of light muscling. This is key to our contact and intersection.

Before sleep, I wrote this in my journal

(For background on working with Dream Power, see Dream Journal.)

Dear Dream Power:

TLM textureIf 5 TLMs converge, commingling, are like photobionts, then am I a lichen being with my body bones as the fungal symbiont? That’s not the question. Is it artwork or experience that I want?

The drawing tries to get at the tones of white, yellow, gold flashing that I originally perceived as the texture of the TLM.

As I was going to sleep I morphed the message to dream power to be more about visualizing alga action in the way I have visualized the TLM. Wondering if the same structure holds true for all light actions of beings of consciousness.

Sleep: image of the dreamer waking to say "WOW". I woke with visions more times than I wrote.



  1. 1. flow flow - The dream is visual, so I draw it. Then wrote: so clear spatially with the zigzagging a twirling spiraling and the straight lines separate in space. flows. Not hitting each other.
  2. occult occult - lost. It seems right to honor this space even though I can't remember the dream details.
  3. 3 filter filter - hot water pouring on coffee filter (#2 individual cup, cone-shaped type) on its side with no coffee in it.
  4. 4 distribution distribute - watermelon rosy fruit, green hull, black seeds. A knife blade appears and does a fanning cutting shallow ridges, with a pleated effect (circular, with off-center nodal center point).
  5. 5 produce produce - Car rear end with a woven tape extending flapping in wind as car drives. The tape was narrow, less than an inch wide. It was held in place by the trunk lid.



Wow, wonder if this could be the whole process. The spatial like the physical weave in a light muscle. Oops, sudden tinge that algal is not a muscle. Or what I've been calling a muscle is actually an overword for a series of processes. It doesn't just flex. Let's look at this series and see what it says.


energy generatorAnimated the flow diagram in the movie. Flows, physical structure of perception.

The next day, out walking towards the deer lichen I thought I’d like to increase my flow and allow my pineal to go as fast as it wants. I did. Then I remembered the first dream of yesterday with the zigzag, two straights going down front and back, and one horizontal going across. It seems this is an energy generator.
Between the gold zigzag path and the white straight flow is a difference that generates energy. See results going across in green. The flow is related to our pineal and our tetrahedronal light muscle.

This movie is on Vimeo. Alternative: YouTube

Occult. Still lost...


double filtering. Cone shape relate to tet? UAU?


watermeloncentrifugal. Don’t get it.
QUESTIONER: Caroling can you be the watermelon?

CAROLING: I am the fungal structure. So clearly feel my green containing, perhaps the result of the photosynthesis. The white inner part of the rind relates to the mottling of the green outer hull and the rosiness which is very juicy. The knife is centered where the dripping comes in from the filter and distributes through the radiating channels. Black seeds are important. Feel they also relate to rhizines. Actually, the rosy part might be like brain material, cushion for the seeds are the alga roots, alga definite psychic, spiritual, auraic aspects as is anything that deals with light. Photonic capabilities always have third eye aspects.


Vehicle trails tape. Not sure if are rhizines. No not primarily. This is like spider web, the production of the stuff of the lichen. The tape was parallel, that is of equal width throughout the length, not tapering as in the drawing.

Dream Power 2

Dear Dream Power. How about pineal? Anything related in algal world of lichens? Thinking out to friends outside {was thinking of the deer lichen} seems an incredible difference in scale. Then I hear that it is not our separate "muscles" in TLM, it is an algorithm we use. No scale to it. Universally available. So it is a matter of angles of construction (wrong word). Angles of intent.

Dream and Dreamwork 2

Unneeded. Hose like a sink spray is hanging out as I get up to walk away. Someone says, "Leave it until you get back", meaning it is stormy now and don't need it. Don't know if electric or water hose. I didn't work on this dream.

What was this movie about? Visualizing the lichen photobiont in the way I have visualized the human TLM. Wondering if the same structure/process holds true for all light actions of beings of consciousness. Dreams provide some intuitions.

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