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Digital Graffiti 2009 at Alys Beach, QuickTime

Walk the streets of Alys Beach, Florida, guided by the full moon on the Emerald Coast, surrounded by digital graffiti in color and sound projected on the sleek whitewashed walls of the architecture of this unique communal experiment of green, sustainable, and hurricane-facing living. The tiny ubiquitous projectors were beta models not for sale until later in 2009. This one-night festival is a second annual event, sure to be repeated, jammed with happy wanderers from all along the beach. It's like smearing youtube all over the sky. Here is your 3-minute condensed video version.

On my laptop I can hardly see this video. The sound jerks. The video freezes. I guess it needs lots of memory to play correctly. Info about the place and trip on the the Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach home page. Date: June 6, 2009. See this also on youTube, where you can respond.

To see the referenced movie on this page, you need QuickTime 7+, available at Update now. The more recent the version, the better the playing. Alternatively, see the Flash version.

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