Digital Graffiti 2011 at Alys Beach Festival

This year on June 11 at Digital Graffiti we had conversations about distinct art works, which were spaced apart to not compete with each other. In comparison to previous years (2010, 2009), there was less loud music, more electronic. The experience was less like a concert light show and more like an outdoor museum, a living space transformed into an art place. And yet, not set apart. Moving, changing colored lights accentuated details. The windmill powered the stormwater retention pond. The trees and plants completed the biosphere. Lights were on in the homes. Yet everything was dramatized. While remaining powerful, immersive, experiential, and altered, dg has matured and become more sophisticated. The video capture above was one of the more surreal, even reverent, moments. Here are three vistas of the event:

  1. Being there, giving the feeling of what it was like
  2. Lingering at a few art works, gaining depth (in preparation)
  3. Visiting Caroling's work, entered but not chosen to be a finalist

If you were there, did you find an Alys Beach Easter egg? It might be in one of your photos. Each year a cursor appears or gets left in a video. How does that happen? It reminds me of the people behind each computer running this show. In 2011 we played Find the Cursor. We found only a transitory hourglass and pointer during setup. That's right, one building display came online, that is on scene, as we watched.

2011: hourglass cursor 2010: dg 2010 cursor 2009: cursor, 2009

Update: see 2012. Back to Community or Florida art.

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