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Digital Graffiti 2011 at Alys Beach

Here's the workflow for developing an entry, the final Structures of Psyche that didn't get in. Too bad.

On February 13, 2011 I had a dream about the place and trip on the the Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach home page, happening on June 11, 2011.

On February 23, color cube arrives at Alys Beach.

On March 2, color cubes flow in Alys Beach fountain.

On March 9, color cube expanding walking beach spiral.

On March 16, colors reverberating.

On March 23, color cube object movie.

On March 30, spinning inside color cube: Flash, QuickTime web or QuickTime alternate (MPEG-4).

On April 3, list of related files.

On April 20, Structures of Psyche.

On June 15, Digital Graffiti 2011 at Alys Beach Festival.

In 2011 let's play Find the Cursor.

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