Digital Graffiti 2011 at Alys Beach - Roots

Here are ideas for what I'd like to see at Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach. Transcending these roots, my entry is Structures of Psyche. Date of event: June 11, 2011.

Color cubes: Color/duo-tetCube/duo-tetColorCube.htm

Spiral breathing: Trips/Carolyoga/breath/breathCleansing.htm

BFI challenge: Lookout/lookout2008/challenge09/BFChallenge09qt.html

Complex EIE: Travel/Florida/srb/DeerLake/2005dlsp/dlspCrabs11-24-05.htm

Evolutionary splurt: Trips/Imagine/Evolution/transform/interact/evolutionaryThrust/interactSplurt.htm

Transceiver: Trips/Art/Web/TripsArt/Imagine/RitualSpaces/GaiaPoint/earth/transmission/transceiver.htm

Blessings Beach 2010: Trips/Travel/Florida/srb/DeerLake/2010dlsp/fl2010blessingsBeach.htm


Who Leo

My Page: DG 2011

2010: dg 2010 cursor 2009: cursor, 2009 If you were there, did you find an Alys Beach Easter egg? Each year a cursor (cursor 2010)gets left in a video. How does that happen? In 2011 let's play Find the Cursor.

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