Who Leo Stellation

Who Leo Stellation Dream

Dream on February 13, 2011 entitled: Who Leo Stellation

I'm back in the right rear corner of a basement on some property. The layout is like Monte Rio house basement except there are no windows, light is only coming in the door (right front corner) and the area is two or three times bigger. I'm enjoying being by myself. Then I hear sounds perhaps of a few people coming from left to right past the door outside. They block the light to the door which becomes a dark blue halo with a bluer center. A beautiful glow I enjoy. Then there is more movement and a sudden flash outlining a crazy figure that has entered the room, going left. Instant wakeup. That is very scary.


I must do dreamwork to find what this is all about. OK I'm in the dark room. Is that like being asleep? Meditating?
q: be in the dark room.
c. ghost of wholeo. {That is, the scary figure seems like something emanating from the dome that was outside that basement door, to the right, where the people went in the dream. As though they had awakened it.} I strongly identify with that basement. Oh, I'm getting it. This digital graffiti is the extension of the wholeo dream of being in colored light. It gets together all the love of digital imagery and my venture into the computer world {with electronically colored screens after the medieval crafted stained glass world of colored light}. Wow I wonder if I could get them into the big garden space back there. The corner I'm in in the dream is the little shower, sink toilet where plumbing pipes, water, cleansing happens. The blue light is the UV messaging to the pineal.
q: could you go so far as to meet the people coming into the yard?
c: no I want to bring the light into the dark. Alys beach is in the dark {for the projection art show at Alys Beach at night}.
q: so how do you meet this entrant into the dark room?
c: I need to go back to the first inspiration for wholeo. This is very diffuse. Thinking of Grace Cathedral, Chartres, Murano, St. John the Divine. But that's not it. It is Leo making good on his intention to install Wholeo. Coming in past the ping-pong table where we worked too sometimes.
Appearing as a golden, beige, sandy rose, warm many pointed star, like a star EIE almost. Like the dodecahedron foil star tree ornament that I have. Where the core polygon is 1" in diameter or radius, the star point is 7". So very spiky. This is actually the size of a bacteria or mycelium part or something tiny. Could be part of Elobeing.
q: so what next?
c: find a model on web of this shape. Before working on this movie, center in this shape so we can collaborate. {I clicked links to the geometric models, 59 variations of the icosahedron Copyright: © by Roman E. Maeder, 1995; all rights reserved. Images computed with Mathematica and rendered with POV-ray. The one closest to the dream image is on this page: http://www.mathconsult.ch/showroom/icosahedra/59.html with

I edited the blue to UV and recolored the star to match dream colors. It looks pretty good, maybe a little dark. Surprise the blue background integrates that color of the movie. This is my helmet of work. {I'm visualizing this shape as an inspiration cap around my head for my work now.}


Who Leo

I uploaded this photo to Facebook and Sunn Gypsie replied, "I've got something similar to that picture that I keep hanging in my living room year round for real...got it at a thrift shop...then found out they are called Moravian Stars. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moravian_star But I just think of it as a frozen sparkle."

Hmm, that looks familiar. Scrolling down I see the geometric shape is a Great Stellated Rhombicuboctahedron. My take on the unstellated form. Below is a model of the star, to me a transitional geometrical structure in expanding consciousness. How fine!

Moravian Star

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