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5-fold Unison: Expansion of Consciousness Game


Five-fold unison geometry takes up where Buckminster Fuller left off. The subtitle of his Synergetics books is "Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking". His duo-tet cube appears on the title page of Synergetics 2 (see item A). He showed how two tetrahedrons and a vector equilibrium fit into or created a cube. I saw that as a model of a single brain cell. He showed the bamboo dome (see directions in Domebook II). I found the icosidodecahedral geometry modeled five brain cells in compound form. The breakthrough is a vision of structures of consciousness, from normal to expanded. These structures are akin to the way a double helix models DNA or how the imaginary part of complex numbers helps describe capacitance and inductance in electronics. These models of processes visualize functionality and relationships. Seeing is art and math. One use of 5-fold unison visions might be in robotics or artificial intelligence design.

For graphic use I developed a flattened version of the bamboo dome (extended as a sphere). It is 12 great circles that can be simplified to 6 great circles to become a spherical icosidodecahedron. After finding the geometry of expanded consciousness, I used the structure to generate random color healings. Now I want to develop the layout as a game applying the principles of synergy and the structure of expanded consciousness. The goal is to fold in elements of complexity and arrive at simpler, more comprehensive solutions. The root pentagon would be the player's personal mindset of the day. The lower five pentagons would be five solutions to the climate crisis selected from the numerous sources on the internet. In the five upper pentagons the player comments on the solutions. The top pentagon is devoted to the synergy of the five elements. In seeing how five things work together, their interrelationships and common ground, new solutions appear not possible when considering each thing in isolation. The game is both a solution finder and an exercise in synergizing.


The 5-fold unison life work is 2/3 done.

This project is the result of over fifty years of involvement with Fuller since I heard him in 1954 (see Fuller history). Specifically I began envisioning structures of consciousness artistically around 1970 in drawings, paintings, models, and building two geodesic domes (see Staten Island). This work became more organized, explicit, and concrete in books published around 1980 (see Wholeo Books). Until 1996 while employed in electronics and technical documentation for the computer industry I continued keeping a journal of ongoing exploration. Since then I have published and developed these ideas on

Currently taking up Gore's challenge of energy independence in ten years, the Google Project 10^100 with similar goal to the Buckminster Fuller challenge, and looking into, I imagined using 5-fold unison consciousness models and insights as the basis of an computer and Internet game. Last week I discovered Andrew Judge's 1992 use of the icosidodecahedron for a similar purpose that is to organize and display global issues. His work calls out for my solutions in ways I must research.

Over the next three years I have a three pronged task. First is to communicate intuited ideas on the web in movies, graphics and web pages using the latest software innovations. Second is to strengthen my ties to web resources like BFI, synergeo, Judge's projects, the World Wide Panorama, and world future societies. Third is to stay in touch with the cosmos, the undivided, the Tao, Akashic Records, shamans, and nature, especially deer lichen, sea, and grove, to keep pure channeling alive.

Money would be used as documented for the Google Project. I would get Mathematica and VRML modeling equipment and software. I would integrate marketing and software game application developers into the project.


5-fold unison: Expansion of Consciousness game is:
1. Comprehensive, anticipatory, and feasible like a vehicle. Each wheel is the same yet has a different position in space. When attached to a body each part acting in unison provides transportation. Brain cells engaged in solving the global crises streamline super solutions to the internet. Bucky is quoted on the challenge movie page, "To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." My model/use of brain cells does that.
2. Ecologically responsible in that mind expansion structures are intuitive and geometrically found in nature. Putting mind in tune enhances cooperation at the deepest levels of psyche.
3. Verifiable and replicable to the extent of funding testing, scaling, and adapating to various conditions. Based on my previous experience, I propose that academic research and publishing of results would demonstrate much more relevance than is currently known.


I have Master of Fine Arts and Electronics Technology degrees. I worked in Silicon Valley during the formative years of computer technology, interactive television, and the internet, using Hypercard since 1988. I built an environmental artwork, a 14' geodesic dome of stained glass, that took seven years. My web site, shows dedication. See my resume for details of background.
Validation that has kept me going is mostly internal in nature. For example, when I discovered that my vision of an intermediary form of expansion of consciousness was a geometric form and furthermore that could be systematically expanded into the dome structure I had chosen to live in for two years. Or when I found that my vision of the tetrahedronal light muscle of 1970 was called the Merkaba by Drunvalo . A brain researcher requested my image of a brain cell for the cover of her book. The people at The Farm in Tennessee felt my dome expressed their inner journeys and welcomed its installation at their school. Most recently the discovery of Anthony Judge's work paralleling mine is stunning and encouraging.

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