Digital Graffiti 2010 at Alys Beach

teaser, Digital Graffiti, 2010Colored light of significance bathes all as it moves on. The audio is bombastic, ears please forgive. Info about the place and trip on the the Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach home page. Date: June 12, 2010. See this on YouTube, 6.5 minutes. If that's too long, try the teaser at 20 seconds. Or see the QuickTime or Flash version. I was in the ticket booth at sunset.

title of video

Video does not show the best things, just the ones with reasonable photos. I would need way more time to treat these as the artworks that they are, given what the artist put into it and the judges chose. Obviously there are threshold criteria such as resolution and how they fit on the walls and other things I can't imagine. Requirements are not specified in detail. But above that, content is deep. I didn't get beyond the surface. This video shows what it feels like to be there, particularly how the art blends with the architecture and the natural setting. Trees and grasses. Also it captures some of the spontaneous expressions: joyful dancing, moments with fountains, a grooving DJ.

I drove through Alys Beach in the afternoon and saw nothing unusual. How the whole place was transformed into a light and sound environment by dark at 8:30 p.m. is amazing. There are vendors for refreshments, continuous sound everywhere, lasers and spotlights carving the dark into wonderful colored sculptures. I wish I could go back, see the projections and parts I missed, read all the descriptions. Ponder its art.

2010: dg 2010 cursor (see movie), 2009: cursor, 2009 If you were there June 12 or took pictures, did you find the Alys Beach Easter egg? Each year a cursor (cursor 2010) gets left in a video. For the one Caroling found, see the full video. How does that happen?

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