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Colors Reverberating

Four weeks ago a dream came saying that for me Digital Graffiti is the extension of the Wholeo dream of being in colored light. Wandering the streets of Alys Beach in the daytime, I invited a color cube in. Color cubes multiplied and went flowing in Alys Beach fountain. Walking a spiral on the beach, color cube expanded consciousness structures.

Colors at atomic level reverberate through deer lichen and color pine cones. See this Flash movie or choice of QuickTime web or alternate (MP4).

To see the movie on this page, you need get Flash Adobe Flash 10+. Update now. The more recent the version, the better. The sound is a shortened version of Micah Frank's Tectonic: Earthquakes Generate Music in Realtime, that I heard on PBS Need to know, the Daily Need, "A chilling aural portrait of the deadly earthquake near Japan", by Sal Gentile, on March 11. I couldn't find a secure way to ask Frank's permission to use the Vimeo audio, but I hope he'd rather be heard and get credit than not. I'll remove it on request.

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