Maritime Forest road

Old - new lichen

New Jersey False Reindeer Lichen 2

Island Beach State Park

In July, 2009 I'm in New Jersey stalking deer lichen. I've learned there is false reindeer lichen in the Pine Barrens. I went to the closest location like my area in NW Florida at Island Beach State Park. Here are locations on Google maps of my photos. See deer lichen areas or related plants or a video: QuickTime or Flash.

On July 24 I explored this area. The top photo above shows the road (that runs the length of the park) in the northern part, the Maritime forest area, with a pitch pine. Below is a closeup of the lichen in question showing how it varies. I assume that the left portion is older, showing the larger, hollow stems. The right portion might be new growth in smaller dichotomous (multiply-bifurcating) sections. Click to see the full photo page.

For the deer lichen I'm presenting oversized photos (most over 1MB) that I am optimizing with Zoomify for quicker download and more flexible viewing. Important details are lost when the photos are reduced. Each page has an option to view image for a browser, such as Firefox, to give you the option to see the entire photo reduced to the browser window size or enlarged, by clicking on the image. For example, try to view image for the lichen photo above and to return, click the browser back button.

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