Weekly Images edition 11, 12, and 13

Each week Wholeo Online publishes something new and a related image on the first page after the intro. Here they are for the years 2009, 2008 and 2007. The image is linked to the related entry in Wholeo Online news and history. Click the image to go to news. The latest image appears first. So the images go back in publishing time. This page covers edition 13 (2009), edition 12 (2008) and edition 11 (2007), following the previous editions 8-10 (2004-2006) and editions 1-7 (1997-2003). For newer work, see editions 14-16 (2010-2012), editions 17-19 (2013-2015), editions 20-22 (2016-2018) and edition 23 (2019.


2009 - news and history 13

earthballs   EIE element   Carolyoga Breathing: cleansing.  2009-12-02   Carolyoga breathing stub   Nokuse Hollington East hike, 2009-11-19   Nokuse Magnolia Creek hike   Back to Natives planting   Nokuse Lafayette Creek hike   YOLO movie   prana in action   beach blub   beach breathing   lichen onstage   breathing flower   lotus dog   false reindeer lichen   light switch   thing and meaning   Island Beach SP redo   Island Beach SP video   Island Beach SP   Irwin eye   NJ false reindeer lichen   new runesigns   Time Spin Sound   Time Spin   Digital Graffiti 2009   Econfina Creek   pair of reindeer lichens   aura   chakra cloud, 2009-05-14   reindeer lichen in Florida   deer lichen on Sand Pine Trail   Photobiont Dreams   Photobiont Dreams   Video: Rocky Bayou deer lichens   Rocky Bayou deer lichens   Lichen Diversity   call for IDs   steephead stream green   Lakewood Dr. deer lichen   first deer lichen   Labrys symbol   2007 deer lichen   Perspectives path icon   wet Cladonia prostrata   Cladonia prostrata   Cladonia prostrata   Martin Duffy service visions   Duo-Tet colors   Gma 2008 - video album

2008 - news and history 12

Bruce Means - steephead   Martin Duffy   Fun and Games with Gma   Lost Lake video   Superstruct video   duo-tet in cube colors   BF Challenge 2009 entry   study #10, 2008-10-30   study #9   study #8   5D color brain cell action   damselfly   Duo-Tet Color Cube   5-fold Unison   5-fold light traces   TLM face, singular   5D beach emergence   5D TLM   12-circle sphere   Fuller focus   Spaced Out party   BFI Challenge   Gypsy by Karla Kuyaca   Raising Vibrations panorama   solstice yoga NYC   raising vibrations   repair status Wholeo Dome   Swastika Swirl   Spaced Out, book cover   deer lichen - healthy, crushed   tour teaser   deer lichen   jewelry   circle of 9 art   Trail Trekkers 208   Trail Trekkers 308   purple light   beginning buds   array to staff   array with eclipse   Eastern Lake inOutfall   lunar eclipse lizards   lizard array - lunar eclipse   lizard array   staff implanting   connector   over the rainbow   Staff at Thumbs   MindField   color healing

2007 - news and history 11

 iBar spiral stacks    iBar tetrahelix   triple helix   tetrahelix building   tetrahelix   Seraph, a MCS   mole cricket tunnels   Two Thumbs, NZ   iBar   iBar   Bliss   Google map sites   eat, litter, evolve   UAU pools, 2007-09-20   multiple symbiosis, 2007-09-13   deer lichen quilt, 2007-09-06   communing with deer lichen, 2007-08-30   deer lichen path icon, 2007-08-23   Mel being, 2007-08-16   Mel memorial, 2007-08-09   Remove It tag, 2007-08-02   seagull takeoff, 2007-07-26   vertical scroll, 2007-07-19   earth sprouting city, 2007-07-12   plant video, 2007-07-05   play space panorama, 2007-06-28  fieldwork on Eastern Lake, 2007-05-24 buffalo, 2007-5-17     deer moss mind, 2007-05-10   cosmic vibes, 2007-05-03   pitcher plant, 2007-04-26   UAU over water, 2007-04-19   water UAUs, 2007-04-12   Deer Lichen detail, 2007-04-05   Deer Lichen panorama, 2007-03-29   Deer Lichen, 2007-03-22   Turkey Oak - spring, 2007-03-15   Higher Emotions, 2007-03-08   channel, 3 parts, 2007-03-0   Gloer in veins, 2007-02-22   Gloer, 2007-02-15   Yellow Button flower, 2007-02-08   deer lichen, 2007-02-01   walk images, 2007-01-25   Moonscape, 2007-01-18   George Wright, 2007-01-11   2001 Memorial, 2007-01-04   dog park, 2006-12-28   walk talks, 2006-12-21

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