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Each week Wholeo Online publishes something new and a related image on the first page after the intro. Here they are for the year 2013, 2014 and 2015. The image is linked to the related entry in Wholeo Online news and history. Click the image to go to news. The latest image appears first. So the images go back in publishing time. This page covers editions 17 (2013), 18 (2014) and 19 (2015), following the previous editions 14-16 (2010-2012), editions 11-13 (2007-2009), editions 8-10 (2004-2006) and editions 1-7 (1997-2003). For newer work see editions 20-22 (2016-2018) and edition 23 (2019).

2015 - news and history 19

Pink tag trail marker, 2015-12-16   Spinning, 2015-12-09   Full moon 12 rising on November 25, 2015-12-02   Florida Trail: Work Gathering at Pine Log State Forest, 2015-11-25   Pine Log State Forest camping, 2015-11-18   Lake2Lake to Galactic Center movie, 2015-11-11   Full moon 11 visionary meditation vision, 2015-11-04   Meteor Crater Spirit (MCS) Message Generator in 'Welcome MCS' casting   R. Buckminster Fuller, Synergetics 2, figure 1130.24, 'Galaxying' explained   New Evolutionary Spiralinear Galactic Spine Time Line, 2015-10-14   Galactic Follow Equinox, Full Moon Eclipse, MCS munes and mrunes XMT/RCV engagement - 2015-10-07   Red dream bug, 2015-09-30   'Peace, Equinox, Full Moon and Eclipse', celebrating three days on one page   'Lake2Lake', module 5 of the visionary practice collection, 2015-09-16   'Carolyoga - Just Breathing' a do-it-with-me gentle get-well yoga, 2015-09-09   Sprouted seeds   Bobby Stuart, South Walton Turtle Watch volunteer, 2015-08-26   Least Terns: adult and subadult, 2015-08-19   Juvenile Least Tern, 2015-08-11   Elobeing on Stage, Acts 1-3 movie, 2015-08-05   Elobeing Exhibit in the Hall of Ice movie, 2015-07-29   Major Event of Transformation (MET) Twisties evolving, 2015-07-22   Wavy Elobeing banners, 2015-07-15   Full moon 7 between rise and set, 2015-07-08   Snowy plover taking the chick under its wing   Inner solstice 2015 Galactic Alignment, 2015-06-24   Inner solstice 2015 - Yoga Wholeo Blessings, 2015-06-17   Full moon 6, 2015-06-10   Walking, planting pearl roots and sending Ups, video previews, 2015-06-03   Talking, telling about wakeup to shatter sound video preview, 2015-15-27   Wakeup to shatter sound with pearl vision  video preview, 2015-05-20   Full moon 5 movie, 2015-05-13   New moon 5 movie, 2015-05-06   New moon 5 movie, 2015-04-29   New moon 5, 2015-04-22   Triangulating galactic, 2015-04-15   Full moon 4, 2015-04-04   Caroling of Wholeo.net 2015 channel trailer, 2015-04-01   Advance equinox breath of fresh galaxy, 2015-03-25   Full moon 3 on March 5, 2015   Eco-passage Video shows some wildlife tracks, 2015-03-11   Eco-passage with Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition team, 2015-03-04   Wholeo Galactic symbol goes to Galactic center (WGS 2 GC) 2015-02-25   Full moon 2 2015, moonset 2015-02-18   Happy Valentine's Day 2015, 2015-02-11   Wholeo Galactic and Wholeo logos with Grass/Path symbols 2015-02-04   2015 New Moon 2 2015-01-28   Galactic Wholeo Symbol (logo or icon) in Action, 2015-01-21   Galactic Wholeo Symbol, 2015-01-14   Full moon 1, 2015-01-07   Visionary Meditation with Geome crystal  2014-12-31   Sunrise meditation on Outer Solstice 2014  2014-12-24

2014 - news and history 18

Blue Pool video 2014-12-17   Wholeo dome giveaway   Crystal Skull  meditation vision movie 2014-12-03   Crystal Skull World Day meditation 2014-11-26   Life (Staten Island) movie 2014-11-19   Growth force vision of the Longleaf pine forest 2014-11-12   Carol Lind painting with Leo, 1961   Journal path icon 2014-10-29   Sunrise meditators on the beach at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park for Back to Nature Festival 13. 2014-10-22   Early journal 2014-10-15   Carolyoga Backbend +   Cladonia perforata, an endangered species of reindeer lichen   USA Bike Trip, 1984 — Leo Geary & friends, a photo album   Carolyoga start. How I start a daily routine. A movie.   Color healing with carolyoga movie   Color healing with carolyoga   Trans-USA Bike Trip, 1984 with Leo Geary and friends   Leo Geary and the Bison Skull   Global meditation with Unify 8-8-2014   Enso zeroes mind's thousand directions   Galactic Synchronization, July 26 observance   Day Out of Time, July 25 observance   Wholeo Galactic  badge   Carolyoga Orbits Galactic   Inner Solstice 2014 visionary video   Inner Solstice 2014   Florida Trail Countdown Step 10, the opening day hike   Florida Trail Countdown Step 9  Construction   Florida Trail Pinning a new trail   Florida Trail inventory   Bob Deckert   Wavy disc   Vibe notation of color talk on cover of The New Yorker magazine, 1977   Alternate Nostril Breathing, 1977   Color spectrom enso   Painting blazes with a Blaze Master kit on the Florida Trail   Painting blazes with a brush on the Florida Trail   Williford Spring runs into Econfina Creek, Florida   5 cells expand into EIEnor   Single cell expanding to EIEnor   Blazing on the Florida Trail and meeting thru-hikers   EIEnor and EIEbing 3D model nets   EIEnor and EIEbing 3D model nets   Chakra Levels 2014   Florida Trail: Clearing Limits for cutting trail   Florida Trail: Logging Out the Hwy 331 expansion   Galaxy people at center with Multi-D language fragments   Root-Cutting Teamwork on the Florida Trail   Cutting a new section of the Florida Trail   EIEbing @ Galactic.Center   New Moon Streaming Sirius   New Moon Swim   Grandpa's Rainbow 2013-12-25

2013 - news and history 17

Outer Solstice lineup, December 21, 2013   December 2013 full moon, Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis Event   C.G. Jung's last big  image from his journal, The Red Book   Eco-passage under US Highway 331 expansion   Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis November 2013   Night light at Renee Holland room   Eye of Gaia Creek Sky Catcher   Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis Event moons   Hello Galaxy October full moon   Hello Galaxy! starting shot   Galactic Beam in multiverse   Follow equinox panorama, Wholeopen above   Leo Geary Trans-US bike trip start, 1984   Galaxy with Eyebing   Eye of Gaia with Eyebing   At an eye of Gaia   Geome crystal geode in the bag   Teresa in mountains, Leo Geary USA bike trip   John in mountains, Leo Geary USA bike trip   Galactic Synchronization 2013 movie   Galactic beam aura vibes, torus   Galactic beam aura vibes, in   Wholeo symbol 2013, shaman seed   Computer creativity AKA noise with Spirit Dancer graphic   Inner solstice 2013 ECMS sunrise meditation lineup   After Inner solstice full moon meditation   Inner solstice sunrise meditation   5 synergy cubes   2013 Color Healing layout with EIEnor   EIEnor with five brain cells expanding   EIEnor with single brain cell expanding   EIEnor, model of expanded consciousness   On the occasion of an 80th birthday   Deer lichen on Panhandle Trace Hike   wild azaleas on Panhandle Trace Hike   earthstar   Panhandle Trace Hike, Day 5 hikers   Fall color in spring   Galaxy Person elementals   2013 Advance Equinox, sand angel   2013 Shift still happening . . .   Wholeo symbol in bowl-shaped magnetic field emitters   Meditation practice - sitting, vibes   Connections through Cosmic Juices and Grace Drops   Dieterich Spahn Patterns Connecting   Having a Ball at Lincoln Science Center, New Jersey   Appalachian Trail marker in High Point SP, New Jersey   Laeh's Color Healing Energy Breathing, 1978   LookInOut 2013   Eartha, an elegant earthball   SGI embroidered badge   Wholeo Symbol 2013  

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