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Wholeo Online, news and history 18

The latest news is first, the rest of the messages are history. Refresh this window each week on Thursday to reload and see Wednesday's update. This is edition 18 for 2014.  See 2015 news for News 19 edition 19. Links to previous editions are at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, see Weekly Images 17-19, Weekly Images 14-16, Weekly Images 11-13, Weekly Images 8-10, or Weekly Images 1-7 and the Wholeo Blog.

2014-12-17 Blue Pool, a video. Blogged. Weekly Image

2014-12-10 Added a season page for Year 2014, Month December, Day 21 solstice event. Added links to a large magical photo of Brian Skoskie (2.7MB). Started providing alternative viewers for Java applet movies, with Coming of Wholeo alternatives. Is Wholeo dome on its last legs or will it find another home? Blogged. Weekly Image

2014-12-03 Movie of the November 22 Crystal Skull Meditation Vision. Weekly Image

2014-11-30 Walktalk guidance to focus on Elobeing. in weB log.

2014-11-26 On the new moon, November 22, meditated at sunrise on the beach with ECMS and at noon with the global Crystal Skull World Day. Blogged it here. Weekly Image

2014-11-19 Added a QuickTime, YouTube, and Vimeo movies version of the 1969 Flash movie: Life. Publish this with galactic movie Blue Pool when it is finished. Blogged. Weekly Image

2014-11-12 Earthball season is open. Started a countdown timer to meditation on World Spirit Day, the Outer Solstice on December 21. Visionary experiences added to Wholeo Blog. Weekly Image

2014-11-05 1961: Carol Lind Painting for Walker Art Center show. Updated Cladonia perforata with a link to Timothy Mahar's research. Inserted a little Hippie Museum history. Added tiny journal path icons from related pages, such as Timeline. Journal Access path icon tiny Weekly Image

2014-10-29 Developed a journal path icon (see it in Weekly Images). Continued adding to Journal 1973-74. Weekly Image

2014-10-22 SWCC Back to Nature Festival 13. October 8 Total Lunar Eclipse and sunrise meditation. Weekly Image

2014-10-15 Early Journal. Weekly Image Started adding a link to the related Weekly Image.

2014-10-08 Carolyoga backbend +.

2014-10-01 Created a page for Cladonia perforata, an endangered species of reindeer lichen. Added a link to Deer lichen and friends page.

2014-09-24 Trans-USA Bike Trip, 1984, an album of 142 photos by Leo Geary to be seen with his journal of the adventure. This is the 30-year anniversary of the trip and the 22-year anniversary of his death.

2014-09-17 Carolyoga start.

2014-09-10 Carolyoga color healing.

2014-09-03 Bibliography of the top 10 books that influenced my life. Uploaded to YouTube: the Buckminster Fuller Challenge 2009 entry which deserves more exposure. Redid the Major Event of Transformation Body drawing so the glow appears within the donut, rather than behind. Added an image to Color and the Whole Self page.

2014-08-27 Updated Leo Geary's 1984 Summer Bike Trip journal with some of his photographs. Most of them are from a trip photo album to be published soon.

2014-08-20 Leo Geary and the Bison Skull.

2014-08-13 Added Global Meditation with Unify 8-8-2014 movie.

2014-08-06 Enso Zeroes is a movie and list of items related to enso.

2014-07-30 Finished the movie for New Moon After Inner Solstice. Observed and celebrated a Day Out of Time on July 25 and Galactic Synchronization Beam on July 26. Redid a movie about remote color healing called July 4 2000 celebration.

2014-07-25 Created a Facebook event: Day Out of Time & Galactic Synchronization Beam. This one's for me but linked globally.

2014-07-23 Added Wholeo Galactic 2014 as the mystical wing of Lookout 2014. Started a New Moon After Inner Solstice page. Made a poster for July 25 and 26, the Day out of Time and anniversary of the coming of the Galactic Beam Synchronization. Enhanced Wholeo Galactic page. Updated Geome Journal.

2014-07-16 Wholeo Galactic page.

2014-07-09 Carolyoga Orbits Galactic.

2014-07-02 Added four videos of the Inner Solstice 2014. Updated Wholeo Blog weB log starting with March 8 and reading up through today.

2014-06-25 Inner Solstice 2014.

2014-06-18 Presented the final video in the series, Florida Trail: Making a New Section that heads the project page. Added video links for Step 10 on the page for Countdown videos in 10 steps to the opening of new Florida Trail section on National Trails Day, June 7.

2014-06-11 Added video links for Steps 9 and 10 on the page for Countdown videos in 10 steps to the opening of new Florida Trail section on National Trails Day, June 7.

2014-06-04 Countdown videos in 10 steps to the opening of new Florida Trail section on National Trails Day, June 7.

2014-05-28 Tom Daniel takes inventory of the new section of the Florida Trail.

2014-05-21 Blaze Master Origins, Bob Deckert describes his invention of a way to blaze the Florida Trail.

2014-05-14 Birth of a Wavy Disc, a 5-panel drawing, 1977.

2014-05-07 Vibe notation of color talk on cover of The New Yorker magazine, 1977.

2014-04-30 Added a graphic clarifying solstice and equinox names to the top of the Advance Equinox 2013 page. Correctly referred to the Floridan aquifer in many files. Alternate nostril breathing drawings, 1977.

2014-04-23 Crystal Geome appears, see Geome Journal 2014. Cluster of meditative events from 4/17-4/22 (Sage Smudge Altar). Added color images to parts of the book Light Body: Pages 24f, 26-27, 27M, 27f, 29f, 30-31, 30M, 30f, 31M, 31f, 32-33, 32M, 32f, 33M, 33f, 34-35, 35M, 35Full, 36-37, 36M, and 36f. Earthstars on Scenic 30A.

2014-04-16 Added two new videos to the Florida Trail blazing series, including Blaze Master and Blaze Zooms. Vimeo works best but there are Hi-res and lo-res QuickTime movie versions available. These videos are under review and will be changing.

2014-04-09 MKEI Photo contest entries at Williford Springs off Econfina Creek. Florida Trail: Blazing.

2014-04-02 Sacred Sanctuary Sinkhole Spring Hike at Williford Springs off Econfina Creek, Florida as two slideshows, one focusing on sinkholes.

2014-03-26 Five cells expand into EIEnor, a 1-minute movie.

2014-03-19 One cell expanding to EIEnor, a 4-second movie.

2014-03-12 Work hike "Reblazing" on the Florida Trail Nokuse Section on 3-11-2014. Correcting error of brain cell representation on EIEnor and EIEbing graphics. My weB log entry for March 5 explains why these corrections are needed. Pages affected include: cross-references for EIEnor, EIE 3D model net, large and priorities (which includes the intro to the site).

2014-03-05 As envisioned on March 2, brain cells need to see the model or a larger one. Updated cross-references for EIE page with more about EIEnor. Added 2014 Leo Geary Trophy award winner. Updated the Leo John Geary Facebook page.

2014-02-26 Chakra Levels 2014. Updated weB logs, especially 2012 and 2014.

2014-02-19 On the Florida Trail, two videos: Falling Down and Up in 13 Seconds and a one-minute Clearing Limits.

2014-02-12 On the Florida Trail, Logging Out, a 2.5 minute video.

2014-02-05 Visions of galactic centering with multidimensional language fragments.

2014-01-29 Camp Helen State Park earthballs. On the Florida Trail, Grubbing Teamwork, a less than 3-minute video.

2014-01-22 Florida Trail: Cutting a New 2-mile Trail Section, a 4-minute video.

2014-01-15 EIEbing at Galactic Center movie on final day of Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis Event. Blogged.

2014-01-08 Preparing for F-Troop construction on the Florida Trail announced on November 27, 2013, by updating the Hwy 331 Trail Expansion Project page with added video of Pullerbear Teamwork. Updated Florida Trail playlist on YouTube which now has 22 videos. Preparing for the end of the Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis Event with the January 15 Full Moon page. But first added Streaming Sirius movie showing a vision at the New Moon.

2014-01-01 New moon renewal, a Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis Event.

2013-12-25 The Wholeo Online year starts with the solstice. This year it was on December 21, 2013. Welcome to edition 18, year 18. Fresh 2014 weB log, but don't miss an entry for Dec. 19. Another New Year 2014. Resurrected an old forgotten stained glass window, "Grandpa's Rainbow". Evolved EyeBing to EIEbing. Weekly Image

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