earthball named "Fisted"   earthball named "Oink"   earthball named "Chant"   earthball named "Dimensons"

Camp Helen State Park - earthballs

On January 17, 2014, I found a series of magnificent giant earthballs up to 8" in diameter lining the walkway between Lake Powell to the parking lot. They came singly or in clumps of two or three. Above are images of some. I call them from left to right: Fisted (S, M, L), Oink (S, M, L), Chant (S, M, L), and Dimensions (S, M, L). When you click an image, you get the medium large version, 1200 px wide. Click S = 800 px wide. Click M = 1200 px wide. Click L - 1800 px wide.

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