Birth of a Wavy Disc

Read sequence from left to right and top to bottom

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Birth of a Wavy Disc

This series of 5 panels describes the genesis of a wavy disc. Read like a comic book, from left to right and top to bottom. Drawing signed 1977. Writing on the panels:

Two heavy balls .. from the ends of the right vibe sprung ends

The ends sprouted an electro-chemical connection

A light puffy sphere emerged

It twirled into a torus of energy

Color talk in vibe notationThe torus flattened into a spinning wavy disc

I don't understand the meaning of the "right vibe". This disc appears as a chakra in Wonder in Aliceland, page 88. A version colored in red and blue bands appears on the back cover of WinA (page 130). See it in cross-references for Chakras. Lumia, a spirit guide in the movie, Shift Happens, 2013 has the wavy disc form.The wavy disc reminds me of Buckminster's investigation into circles with a circumference greater than 360° but I can't find a reference at the moment.

For vibes, see cross-references for Inspiriting, Aura/Wavelengths, and Vibes. Back to Monte Rio drawings.

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