July 4 2000 celebration

For background, see 1998 version. The original of this photo is on this page. See original Flash movie page or a photo from the movie. This is for the holiday, July 4, 2000 .

Here's a quote from my journal from August 10, 1998:

"Saw claps as splats of irregular concentric circle target colors. They didn't seem visible or manifest until hitting Elizabeth's body. She became appliqued or labeled all over, but the splats were quite large, about 3', elongated and as layered on, seemed to be sinking in. So kind of like deep inner aura massage and soul feeding. Maybe is cleansing what is separate from the Noint Joint. No, not cleansing but informing of true nature. Maybe each clap targeting a particular node.

"Reminds me of something from SGI Siggraph talk yesterday, talking about how to map reflected light on objects realistically. Was a picture of all the perpendiculars to a very convex surface. Kind of like bristle brush. The color rings themselves in the vision seemed to have an electrified shag rug radiance. Reminded that was also working with rug characters as archtype, whatchacallums {avatars? personas?} at the Noint Joint."

On July 13, 1997:

"I saw the points of the Eloorb were designators on Elizabeth's health aura, of where Benetron's Noint Joint node splats will go, way at the end of the aura."

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