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March 15, 1980 Funicula "Turns the Poles" -- female is now ascendant! She reasons ... why should she struggle up 8 color levels (from the upper triangle of the star) to meet the white angel? By simply returning to the female, or passive, where she started, then standing on her head, her crown chakra is right at the black angel. Conventional patriarchal spirtualism fears down is bad, black is evil, but Funicula says "No!" "This is woman's way. No one hears it form the Descended Masters, because they're mostly women. Here I had almost abandoned my femininity, my essential role. I clasp you Red Hand."

She tires of standing on her head. The Mother is not necessarily down in the earth. She stands, reversing Movey and the color levels. This is the turning of her poles.

It's new moon time. Yogamaya gives her a Light pearl. Funicula contacts Matilde, Mistress of the Red Hand (the left hand, the hand of intuitive mystical creation). She is reached by traveling astrally to the entrance of the feminine ray in Peru. St. Germaine appears as a violet female spirit.

March 20, 1980 Equinox, first day of Spring. Funicula does Kriya recreating Movey in Peru. She vows the world will come to know this shape. March 21, 1980 Funicula feels she needs to make contact with a spirit to go on. This is the hardest thing she has ever done. It has something to do with her "shadow", service, and how to "Invite the Light." She is inspired to recreate Movey in the Light. She will introduce the light to each color. In her Kriya, she will see the color, shape, and position of each level in Movey, changing them one by one to Light. She starts from the center out. The colors become a filmy lantern over a Movey of Light within.

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