Williford Spring

Econfina Creek 2014

This year is getting started with four trips to Williford Springs that run into Econfina Creek in NW Florida.

Sacred Sanctuary Sinkhole Springs Hike

See a slide show combining visits with Yaani on the Advance equinox (3-22), alone (3-27), and with Pat Sheewho Cummins (3-31). It includes the spring and a walk along Econfina Creek. Choice of YouTube movie, Vimeo movie, PDF document or Flash player.

Walk through the forest to the Williford Spring. Going back into time, remembering when this was the bottom of the ocean, finding prehistoric shark teeth. Regard the sanctuary of healing waters. Fresh water boils up from the Floridan aquifer deep below underground. Like a giant morning glory flower, with brilliant aqua erupts into the swampy tea water leading to Econfina Creek.

Swim with tiny fishes in water that is about 68° F year round. Immerse and dissolve in the swirling rainbow radiant waters, giving thanks.

Walk into the forest down along Econfina Creek. The path treads lightly among pock-marked and gnarly water worn limestone sinkholes. Looking down into the Floridan aquifer. This is what Florida is made of. Today you see dogwood trees, azaleas, and other spring beauties beginning to sprout, bud, and bloom. Skirt wetlands and climb far up the steep bank. You see a bench above the path. Descend again to creek edge and finally lose the path at about half a mile.

Still looking for a cave rumored to be off somewhere in the woods.


The second set focuses on sinkholes beside the path. Choice of PDF document or Flash player.

Several of these photos are almost the same, yet will have more green mosses, or water, or sky, or palmetto leaf. Help me make the choice. Which ones are best, to keep? Or keep and treasure them all? Rhetorical question. I chose three for submission to a photo contest.


New Moon on New Year Immersion.

See Econfina Creek background info on the 2008 page.

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