LookInNout Shift 2013 art continuing

Emerging from Matrix 2012 and Shift Happens 2013, center galactically and envision multidimensional language.

galactic center Galactic center. From January 13, 2014 journal: "I got an answer to my quest for what the center of the galaxy looks like from EIEbing, knowing that it is not a black hole at all. For me, it looks like Econfina creek, Williford Spring. Going there in imagination, I feel a strange sense of location. Or should I say dislocation. That there really is no center except where you think it is. Williford Spring is as much the center of some gigantic spacial configuration as what our earth consensus reality says is a Milky Way galaxy with a center over beyond the stars in Sagittarius."

multidimensional language Multi-dimensional language fragment. From February 3, 2014 journal: "Had a vision. Like a necktie shape. Pattern shows intergalactic, maybe multi-D language. Blue red yellow primary colors. Any one shape or color can stand out at any one time as the foreground. Started a graphic. Note that all shapes are hard-edged and mostly rectangular with a few circles. Note: like this painting by Theo van Doesburg, but shapes connected and at angles, with circles."

galaxy people ring Galaxy people ring. Enhanced from the book Mt. Shasta and the Galaxy People, page 19.

ring at earth as galactic center Galaxy people ring at Galactic center. Inspired by January 28, 2014 journal: "Powerful vision. Like a circle of people at an angle to the earth. That is, the whole circle was tipped down and maybe within earth where I was on the periphery. But I could see outlines of figures up against the sky, seemingly unaffected by gravity."

Galaxy people at Galactic Center with MultiDimensional language fragments Galaxy people ring at Galactic center with Multi-D languages. Vision, putting the galactic center, people and multi-D language fragments together. See February 5, 2014 journal. Try seeing a quite large version of this image, to fully get into it.

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