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Wholeo Online Priorities

Wholeo is the ongoing search for wholeness. Wholeo Online is a window into the search. Here are the priorities. The basic task of this lifework has three parts:
  1. model the normal human psyche,
  2. show how it changes with expansion of consciousness, and
  3. design an entirely new species based on the principles discovered in the process.

But the web site is largely nature photography and mystical adventures to the center of the galaxy and beyond. That is the expansion of consciousness on psyche's path.

This website is mostly groundwork and content. As a work-in-progress, is sometimes sketchy. You enter in the dark, at the Noint Joint. Shifts from 2012 onward are causing major changes. I can't evolve the website as fast as the insights. For example, the introduction needs updating. See a text intro (that needs to be updated).

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