earthstar with rounded center   1. Cassine Gardens


earthstar with skewed opening  2. Eastern Lake Fire Break


broken earthball from 30A   3. Scenic 30A


30A - Seagrove 8

In 2014, I had not seen earthballs or earthstars since April, so I was excited to find them on October 30. For me, it was the start of the earthball season on the Emerald Coast of Florida. Most are seen between October and February. Each of these images has a story.

1. Cassine Gardens, in the top photo, has the most bulging center that I've seen yet. Looks like a puffy cookie. Found in landscaping beside a town house.

2. Eastern Lake Fire Break, in the middle photo, was broken the next day. I was hoping to see how it opened. I don't know if it was crushed accidentally or if it is partially edible.

3. Scenic 30A, in the bottom photo, was found near the bike path on the same day that the one in the woods by Eastern Lake (# 2) was broken. I assembled three fragments for the photo. These two similar earthballs were each torn on the same day, half a mile from each other.

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