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30A - Seagrove 2

On November 13, 2010 I found lots of activity in addition to what I saw on Nov. 9 four days previously. See Nov. 13 updates on that page and also an update on Oct. 30. See the map pin labeled "30A - Seagrove" for the general location.

Above are new growths on the south side of the road. Upper left photo of deflated puffballs. Upper center is an intense green something in a ground cover of black rubbery wet soft fungi. Upper right are two opening earthballs also flanked by the black fungi. On Nov. 20 they had opened more (right photo) and also somewhat more on Nov. 27.

I also found earthstars and earthballs on the north side of the road. See photos below. I guess the earthstars are from the previous season. The unsplit earthball looks recent. On Nov. 20, I didn't see the earthstars, but did on Nov. 27. On Nov. 20 the previously unsplit was definitely opening up and was almost completely open on Nov. 27 (right photos).

earthstarcrusty earthballearthball updateearthball

Also on Nov. 20 and 27 there were many new earthballs and fungi of unknown kinds (see photos below).


See Oct. 30, Nov. 9, Nov. 13, Dec. 24, or Puffball Watch, 2010-2011.

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