arrows of vision
Galactic arrows as envisioned on the new moon after the Inner solstice

New Moon After Inner Solstice 2014

On June 27, 2014, I honored the new moon after Inner solstice. Here is a movie of the experience: YouTube or Vimeo. On the solstice, the full moon was between earth and the Galactic Center (GC). Afterwards the moon circled halfway around earth to be the new moon, between earth and sun. At that time we were not lined up with the GC, but the new moon was attracting solstice energies through us towards the sun. In previous years, the first full moon after the Inner solstice has been a time for me to envision, greet, meet, and honor Galaxy People. Throughout the Shift I've come to understand that Galaxy People can be a name for galactic character and consciousness, which can be opening to my own nature.

title   galactic arrows align with sun   arrows into aura   equal unit of consciousness and arrow   Eyebing to EIEbing at galactic center   arrows focus on Galactic Beam Being   closeup of GBB focus   arrows attacted out to new crystalline moon   With EIEnor, unit of expanded consciousness, carolyoga turns in multigalactic multidimentional mindspace   Galactic center to new moon alignment   Galactic center to sun alignment   Two-way transmission along the galactic beam

See Wholeo weB Log for the story. See also Wholeo Galactic, Wholeo Galactic 2014, and Lookout 2014.
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