Inner Solstice 2014

On June 21, 2014, I honored the Inner solstice at 5:51AM. CDT. There were many global meditation events this day. My focus is on I Unify which calls for meditation at 12pm PDT ( 2PM CDT). There is an initiative to share photos of sacred places tagged #reclaimthesacred. is making a composite of one-minute movies from around the world. For me it would have been Williford Springs, which is closed for restoration. Friends did sunrise meditation here from 5:30-6AM. Sunrise was at 5:43, just eight minutes before the solstice. Galactic and sun light streaming together across and over earth through me. Thank you Leslie Astin Kolovich for the photo you took sitting beside me in meditation. I use it of me in the videos.

blue EIEnor connectorWonderful meditation. Zeroed in on a tiny EIEnor connector (like I had seen at Zometool sets). First onset of vibes. First vibes like fan of cards in disparate disarray tugging me apart. Only hope was to find calmly the point of peace center aligning but not merging them all. Went away. Second onset of vibes. Maybe 5, 7 or 10 minutes later convulsive spasmodic vibrations where I let go, dissolved out fissling into all of them with no center. Still resolves into unity. Later I realized these two vibe experiences happened at about the two times of sunrise and solstice.

I was enchanted with the horizontal fine pinking wavelets of the water, the horizontal horizon band of mauve cloud. The windy feathery white clouds in blue gesturing above. Didn't think the sun would pierce that blanket of insulation but it faintly did arise, the only thing there. At first dull rose, but colors changing from reds to golds, exquisite in the commanding power of something that looked so small.

An intriguing and perhaps significant find is from video of the sunrise at the time of the solstice. It seems that in the two minutes centered on the solstice the light intensified to pinkest and died back. In other words, we were flashed pink. The orchid high sky radically appears from about 17:54:43 17:57:34, about 3 seconds. Then we stay in in that light until a radical change from 21:58:40 – 22 (about 1.5 seconds). I see four minutes of orchid high sky or general pink tone or who knows what was going on behind us. I'm going through the shift light thing where it seems I might have discovered something significant. There were similar subtle changes on the December 2012 and June 2013 solstices. The December 2013 Outer solstice sunrise meditation and labyrinth walk times were obscured by clouds. I observed nothing special that day.

The background of this page is a detail from the pinkup sky video.

2:00PM global meditation with Unify sitting in my car in a state forest lot brought more visions to be explored. Later that day I spent hours reading the wonderful posts on the Unify page. I made two new Facebook friends and joined a group: Circle of Many Tribes.

Four videos from the meditation event

  1. Event. YouTube or Vimeo. How it looked including the people, the place, and the sunrise. Choctawhatchee Bay, NW Florida, USA, Inner Solstice 2014, ~ Unify ~

    (or Unify web page)
  2. Visionary video: YouTube or Vimeo. How I looked during the event and what I saw, including two vibratory experiences. Galactic Centering Inner Solstice at Sunrise
  3. Solstice Pinkup Fast. YouTube or Vimeo. For four minutes at the timeof the Inner Solstice 2014, rising sunlight became brighter and pinker. This video is fast-forwarded to speed the time up to 15 seconds. The changes happen in less than 3 seconds at the start and end of the four-minute color-light intensification around solstice time.
  4. Solstice Pinkup Real Time. YouTube or Vimeo. For four minutes at the time of the Inner Solstice 2014, rising sunlight became brighter and pinker. The changes happen in less than 3 seconds at the start and end of the four-minute color-light intensification around solstice time.

I posted a sunrise meditation video to Facebook. The links are in an album of photos. I also posted them to the Unify Facebook page. See the stills from the sunrise solstice visions. See also Wholeo Galactic and Lookout 2014.

Sunrise meditation

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