Sunrise meditators on the beach at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park for Back to Nature Festival.

Sunrise Meditators at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

Lookout for 2014 - Back to Nature Festival 13

The 13th annual Back to Nature festival sponsored by the South Walton Community Council (SWCC) took place Friday through Sunday, October 17-19. I attended the following events on Sunday, Oct. 19.

A Wonderful Event for Me

Last year I described what would be an ideal B2N event for me. This year I enjoyed a valuable day. I didn't miss the eco-active component of the ideal until reminded of it later. Sunday was eco-intense with new elements following a sunrise meditation event. It combined features of the events I attended and continue online. At Topsail Hill Preserve State Park I meditated before dawn, hiked in the afternoon, and met with the movie-makers after dark. Although exhausted, I had a happy back to nature experience.

Events I attended

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