Streaming Sirius, a New Year's vision from Caroling Wholeo on Vimeo.

Streaming Sirius vision at New Moon 2014-01-01

I woke up at 5:14 CST just in time for the new moon at 5:15 CST. Journal: Wanted to meditate and do sunrise but just too tired. Tuned in and got the rushing through space or the space rushing past earth sensation. Little blue parcel bings in the flow. The nuggets became enveloped in green aurora energy surrounds. Later I found the information that energy from the galactic center streams outward in the galactic arms. The star Sirius is upstream so transmits and channels galactic energy streaming toward us on earth. This site calls Sirius the New Year Star, which seems to fit, augmenting my visions of the Galactic beam.

See the movie on YouTube or Vimeo.

Note: CST is -6 Universal Time (UT).

Links such as New Year's Star and 100,000 Stars help understand visions. I modified video of the Chrome Experiment by speeding it up and adding blue/green bings to simulate my vision.

New Moon.

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