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2014 July 25 - Day Out of Time and July 26 Anniversary of Galactic Synchronization Beam. An event for me and anyone else who joins

Day Out of Time 2014

On July 25, 2014 I honor the Day Out of Time as established by the Mayan Calandar folks that I honored in 2013. The flyer above is posted to their 2014 page. See their page here: Mine is a Day Out of Time and Space. It is the prelude to the first anniversary of Galactic Beam Synchronization on July 26, with a new moon.

See Facebook event: Day Out of Time & Galactic Synchronization Beam. I created this event during the day. Here are my entries and comments.

If today were not a day out of time, it would be July 25, 2014. Join others around the globe to celebrate Time is Art. I joined one in New Zealand: , was inspired by Sweden's Meditation Sirius Connection: and got there from the Peace Through Culture Global Events Listing:
Visions are afoot! Keep me posted as I will you.

Tee hee. Ho ho. Giggling and wriggling with delight. I woke up at 5:45 AM and decided to beach it anyway, even though late. First picture at 6:23. Not only my camera, which had some smear on the lens, but my iPhone was also acting up. Movies on camera are on/off crazy, would have done better to just do stills. When I wanted a movie, the iPhone was hardly working. Couldn't tell when the movie was on. Couldn't turn it off.

When I got to the sand, there was Jennifer who has finished her turtle watch walk. Love her spirit and way of thinking. Such a perfect earth person. She's at her truck. No turtles sighted. I told her about the day out of time and she kind of liked it. We are not sweating small stuff. She liked the idea of gaining perspective by asking “How much difference will this make in a year?”

I gave myself permission to make it my holi day. Didn't have to pick up garbage. Good thing, it would have been a huge job, taking many trips. I was entranced with green gold colors. Had tried to photograph it in the condo rock face with marigolds. Tried to catch it in the seaweed with bubbles from sea foam.

I had decided not to walk to WaterSound. So enjoying elements of space, the sand, waves, water, heat and wind. I walked a bit past the end of Deer Lake State Park sign along the beautiful dunes and turned back. Was going to walk up the ramp. Looked out over Gulf and straight out there was a rainbow. There was a cloud stretching to SW. Or south of SW. Reminded me of DOOT DOT, Day Out of Time. And Jose Arguelles, bless him for inspiring us with his visions of Time is Art.

Remembered last year for DOT or Galactic Sync, that the idea was to zero. Reset. Last year I tuned into the Harmonic Convergence 2013 as blogged here.

Rainbow Bridge

So I thought I should create a rainbow bridge.

I did the octahedron at earth center, with alternating blue and yellow faces on the four triangles below. Red and white triangles on the four faces above. There were paddle wheels on the E W N S coordinate axes horizontally and above and below the octahedron. Within is crystal heart light consciousness. That expands up and down above and below earth. And erupts into a rainbow bridge following the toroidal lines of earth's magma magnetic field. Then felt the bridge in and around me. Felt it in and around the galactic center. Suddenly massive amounts of rainboid galaxies, visualized in the artwork and movies I have of multi-D. I thought that was my vision for the DOT.

But then combined that with zeroing. In visualizing the interconnectedness, and connectedness I zeroed the rainbow bridged galaxies, the way I zeroed at the solstice sunrise meditation. See or local page.

Meanwhile this inner visioning was playing out in the environment. It started fine mist. Then fine little drops, and soon it was raining. I went up the ramp and under the roof kiosk there. Photographed Geome crystal with the rainbow entering over the gulf. It was so magical when walking up the ramp, seeing the rainbow advancing over the water, like it was coming over and into me. Could see the entire arc over to Seagrove onshore, the other end. Ohh my.

Under the roof it was windy. Got pic of flag blowing straight toward me from Gulf. It was actually cold and I was wet and thought of hypothermia. Talk about catastrophic expectations! But since the day was too hot before, the coolness was exhilarating, exciting, and welcome. I don't know the order of things but at one point I thought I should bury my phone and camera in my pack. Laughing at myself for not having the raincoat for my pack. And the flimsy little umbrella wouldn't do much in this wind.

Drops seem to fling from every direction so I wasn't really dry. Loving it. I ended up walking slowly in a circle, waiting for the rain to end. I watched the whole cloud as it advanced toward the WaterSound settlement, bunch of houses. There were aspects of the wind, evidenced in the clouds above, that were blowing west, contrary to main thrust of storm to NE. Also the yellow flag switched direction from at me to west by NW.

I finally ventured out, laughing, energized, wonderfully cooled off in the breeze. It was hotter when trying to walk on hard sand washed by Gulf waves. Onshore wind ruled and was delightful. Wanted to haul out my ailing cameras and photograph the marvelous breaks in the sand. When wet, the sand gets grey or beige. But any disturbance of the surface skin reveals dry white crystalline sand. However, I was not sure about lightning from another cloud over Gulf. Thought I should get to car and home without delay.

Since I couldn't record thoughts I thought I should have devices to remember things. Like the myths of oral histories passed down by a shaman and storyteller of primitive people. Sounds wrong to say primitive. What I want to say is my ancestral traditions.

One main thread is becoming the elements. I thought of the air as wind (breath), the water as rain (skin), the light as the rainbow (see), and me as earth in my feet connections (movement and rapport). Ether is my consciousness. And thinking of these as the space without time.

Another memory is when I got to my farthest walk point east, I saw several little birds, at least three. Not sure if plovers or sanderlings. Tried hard to photo but couldn't get anything working. Earlier I had seen a few flippy fish here and there. Gulls and the lone mid-size bird.

Took offense at the lineup up chairs inside the park between outfall and western park edge.

I had thought that I would meditate and go out in kayak today. But Time is Art today. I want to make an event with my pictures and do a facebook thing today. So excited that this is the new year related to Sirius. I joined New Zealand event in Puna, where is that? I joined a Swedish event too and posted my Sirius picture for them. Later I did take the boat out on the lake. Wholeo blog has all the details of the day.

See also the next day, Galactic Synchronization 2014.

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