Vibe Notation of Color Talk

Color talk in vibe notation

If people could speak in colors, as shown on the cover of The New Yorker magazine in 1977, could I translate that to vibe notation, as shown in the bubbles above? Note that the red talk vibe notation has longer wavelengths, shown as longer lines than the other colors with varying lengths.

"We will speak in colors" is a line that has been echoing through my mind for so long, I can't remember when it first came. Here are other references to it:

In Wonder in Aliceland "We will send colors". Also on the next page.

In Thought of the Week.

In WeB log 2013 has three more references, see two, three, and four.

For vibes, see cross-references for Inspiriting, Aura/Wavelengths, and Vibes. Back to Monte Rio or Monte Rio drawings.

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