Cladonia perforata detail

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Cladonia perforata

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Perf, a fragment of Cladonia perforata Hi, call me Perf. I'm one of a rare endangered species of reindeer lichen, Cladonia perforata Evans. A part of me can clone and grow into a larger plant. This is how we reproduce. I can move with foot traffic or blow in the wind. This is how we spread. Being a lichen, I'm not rooted and rest lightly on the ground.

Rosemary scrub, a xeric environment I live here in open sun on dry, well-drained white sand in a xeric environment called Rosemary Scrub.

Cladonia perforata I'm a fragment of a larger plant. Like this Cladonia perforata

Cladonia perforata with Florida rosemary and False rosemary mat mat When undisturbed, we grow together in ever larger and denser mats.

Cladonia perforata at the upper part of the photoCladonia perforata with other lichens We often mix with other Cladonia species common to the scrub, such as Cladonia subtenuis (Dixie lichen) or Cladonia leporina (Jester lichen). In this photo, perforata is the larger yellowish smooth skinned fragment to the mid-right. In the photo to the right, perforata is above. Click link to compare Cladonia perforata on the left with Cladonia subtenuis on the right in this big 1MB larger than life photo.

Seven years after starting to follow deer lichen in 2007, I was escorted by Natural Resource personnel in to the Closed Access area of Eglin Air Force Base to view the Cladonia perforata.

Here are a few links to external pages on the topic. After publishing this page I made an important contact on the Jackson Guard (not official) Facebook page. I posted a link to my page and got back information from Timothy Mahar with his research: Back to deer lichen.

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