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Reindeer lichen references in Lichens of North America book

In 2009, I've been studying the book Lichens of North America. It defines 14 species of reindeer lichens (Cladina, now Cladonia) in North America. In 2014 the links do not go to a Google online preview of this book for Cladina, Reindeer lichens, and other items related to lichens on the Emerald Coast of Florida. Please ignore these links until I correct them.

  1. Page 16. Fig. 8f. Fruticose thallus cross sections.
  2. Page 38. Water relations. Note info on Cladina stellaris.
  3. Page 39. Minerals. Not part of preview. See quote.
  4. Page 51. Mentions Cladonia perforata and Cladonia prostrata.
  5. Page 55. Colonization and stabilization of soil.
  6. Page 56. Diversity.Not part of preview. Photo of five species of Cladonia and two of Cladina crowded together.
  7. Page 60. Lichens as food.
  8. Page 70. Cladina evansii. Northern Florida. Temperate element.
  9. Page 78. Uses as food.
  10. Page 79. Cladina rangiferina in brandy making.
  11. Page 83 Not part of preview. Cladina stellaris used for arrangements.
  12. Page 95. Classification, naming
  13. Page 99. Transporting collected lichens. Not part of preview.
  14. Page121. Key A. Cladonia, Cladina Not part of preview.
  15. Page 179. ... reindeer lichens (Cladina) important to wildlife.
  16. Page 223. Cladina, 14 N. Am. species
  17. Page 224. Cladina arbuscula and Cladina evansii
  18. Page 225. Cladina mitis and Cladina portentosa.
  19. Page 226. Not part of preview. Images of Cladina mitis and Cladina portentosa.
  20. Page 227. Image of Cladina rangiferina.
  21. Page 228. Not part of preview. Cladina rangiferina and Cladina stellaris. See quote on Cladina evansii.
  22. Page 229. Cladina stellaris and Cladina stygia.
  23. Page 230. Cladina submitis and Cladina subtenuis. Mentions Cladina evansii.
  24. Page 231. Key to Cladonia including Cladina.
  25. Page 232. Key to Cladinas.
  26. Page 233. Key to Cladonia prostrata. Not part of preview.
  27. Page 250. Cladonia cristatella. British soldiers. Not part of preview.
  28. Page 253. Cladonia dimorphoclada Pine Barrens, NJ. Looks very deer lichen-like.
  29. Page 255. Cladonia furcata sometimes resembles a reindeer lichen (Cladina).
  30. Page 258. Cladonia leporina.
  31. Page 259. Comments on Cladonia leporina. Not part of preview. See quote.
  32. Page 263. Cladonia pachycladodes. Thick-walled cladonia. very Cladina-like. See also C. leporina.
  33. Page 264. Cladonia perforata. Endangered species. Eglin AFB. Mentions C. leporina.
  34. Page 267. Cladonia prostrata. Local.
  35. Page 278. Cladonia uncialis. Mentions not like a Cladina.
  36. Page 752 Appendix. Classification of the lichen fungi. Suborder Cladoniineae. Cladoniaceae: Cladina, Cladonia, Gymnoderma, Pycnothelia.
  37. Page 755. Glossary. Not part of preview.
  38. Page 763 Glossary. Stereome. A tough, cartilaginous cylinder forming the supporting tissue for species of Cladonia and Cladina (Fig. 8f).
  39. Page 775. Index item: Cladina Nyl. (scroll down)

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