deer lichen, healthy and crushed

Scenic 30A - deer lichen, healthy and crushed

Look closely at deer lichen (commonly called deer moss) in photo above, on the left a healthy powder puff and the rest crushed, crumbled, distraught (see a larger image). I'm watching this growth at the edge of the forest and the highway/bike path. See background . Journal entries, 2008-05-04 (terror) and 2008-12-28 (peace) follow.

Terror and Peace on the Timpoochee Trail *

Terror in May: "Mower has wreaked another path of destruction on the deer lichen, rolling over it with big wheels, crushing it. Thinking about deer lichen and time. How they are so old, respected as elders. How when tune into their mindfield, time is a different dimension. We are used to motion picture of time in frames per second. Or instantaneous time. But it is a different perspective. We have a distorted perspective where time and space diminish in distance from us. I really can't characterize deer lichen timefield but when tune into it, feel altered consciousness. But am getting a sense of reverse perspective, where farthest away is biggest and same with time. The more current something is, the smaller. Say deer lichen gets the big picture. Maybe is why is so attractive to us."

Peace in December: "The big good news is that the bike path was mowed and the mower did not bother the plants, especially the deer moss (deer lichen) I'm watching. Sun came out briefly as I reached the area. Not shining directly on plants but I got video."

Photographed on Scenic 30A at the site SW of Deer Lake. The GPS coordinates are N 30°18'29.9" W086°04'49.1".

* Timpoochee Trail, named after Timpoochee Kinnard, the most influential Indian Chief of the Euchee Indians, this 19- mile, paved path runs along Scenic 30A, parallel to the Gulf of Mexico.

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