Lost Lake Seeping Sepia from Caroling Wholeo on Vimeo

Tilley Landing, Lost Lake

Come walking on a quest for the lost lake. Cypress tree domes keep roots in water, letting leaves burn golden orange before dropping for winter. What explains the misty sepia tones, the airy light?
From the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the crystal white sands of the NW Florida coast, drive north to Freeport, east to Highway 81 and north 7 miles to Tilley Landing, Lost Lake Recreation Area, driving east, down to the parking lot facing a lake. It it Lost Lake? I couldn't say for sure. Look at a Google map: 30°33'36.98"N 85°53'49.21"W. Zoom out and see there is a bigger lake to the east. All flows down the river to the bay as part of the Choctowhatchee Basin watershed.

Requires Flash plug-in from Adobe. Alternatively, see QuickTime version. I learned of this place from WaltonOutdoors.com Venture Walton report: A Journey to Lost Lake.

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